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The Ultimate Guide to Classes for Kids, Activities and Kids Sports

If you’ve recently moved to the area from someplace else, as we did ten years ago, you’ll need to register your kids in the sports they love, find teams, and explore classes for kids based on their interests.

We rely on each other’s advice on which ones are the best, so we have done the hard work and research for you and have our picks for you right here!

Classes for Kids

The Best Classes for Kids around the Plano Area

If your child has theatrical tendencies or you are hoping to build their confidence in a theater environment, there are some great local Childrens Theaters around the Plano area.

These are 16 of our absolute favorite Acting Classes. While one of my kids has tried 3 of the theaters we have relied on local Moms and friends to share their thoughts on other theaters we haven’t got to yet.

14 listings

Until your child has figured out the dance modality they prefer the most, any of these 11 dance classes: ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and more will give opportunities for classes that your child can try.

Music Lessons
19 listings

Some lessons are based in music schools and you will need to explore the levels of instrument instruction they offer, in addition to individual teachers who offer music lessons with kids in their home, like Piano, which is one of the most popular music lessons.

11+ Best Mommy and Me Classes near me in Collin County

At their youngest age, you can find local classes nearby to allow you to meet other Moms, make friends provide enriching opportunities for babies and toddlers, and get you out of the house on a regular basis. We have so many choices for you to explore.

Cheer Athletics
Photo Credit: Cheer Athletics Facebook

Where can I find the Best Kids Team Sports?

11 listings

Would you like to train how to train to be a gymnast? Would you like to learn about Mat work, uneven bars, Beam, and a lot more gymnastic activities? You may want a safe environment for your toddler to learn tumbling.

Are you looking for safe, well-rounded gyms that will offer lessons for all ages and levels? We have the Best Places to do Gymnastics in Collin County.


If you love the Netflix series, you could start your child in the world of Cheer from a young age, and as they develop in skills, they could be competing at very high levels.

These are the Best Places to Cheer around the Plano area and wider Collin County.

Swim Lessons
10 listings

The ultimate in skills, which can develop over time into a great sport of its own, Swim teams recruit kids of all ages. But they have to start with swimming lessons for first, even from 6 weeks of age!

These Swim Schools offer the best Swim lessons

Is your Child interested in any of the following and more?
Are they interested in Club, Recreational, Competitive, Select, or Camps in any of the activities listed below?
Flag Football
All of this and more are available in these listings.

Plano Sports Authority (PSA) or Plano Youth Soccer Association: which is best?

The PSA locations around Plano and Murphy offer a variety of sports and host many teams of all kinds. If Soccer is your child’s main sport, they can also choose a team registered with Plano Youth Soccer Association and using their facilities.

We compare both and let you know the pros and con’s of each.

Get ready for Big Adventure at a Hydrous Wake Park!

If you or your kids want to try something new and get the adrenalin going, a water ski cable wake park is the perfect option, especially for beginners. We checked out Hydrous Wake Park, with 2 locations in Allen and Little Elm, which are both within a 30-minute drive of many parts of Plano.

More: Opportunities for Sports with City of Plano

10 of the Best Martial Arts Schools around Plano, TX

Martial Arts Schools are popular in the Plano area and we have a few choices to pick from. We share the benefits, the costs involved and factors to consider!

Tutoring, Enrichment and After School Care

Tutoring & Enrichment
33 listings

Is your child in need of tutoring and enrichment services in Plano and surrounding areas?

Are you looking for a Math Tutor, Testing Tutor, Enrichment classes, and programs to give your child a little extra education?

These listings may have just what you are looking for.


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