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What are the Best Fitness, Health, and Beauty Places?

It’s so important to practice self-care to help you be the best version of yourself! Be sure to find the best spas, a great massage place, a gym you enjoy going to, and a hairstylist to help you look and feel really great.

If you are new to the area, you’re starting afresh trying to find the best fitness places and the best options for you. We have you covered, as we’ve asked tons of local Moms who their favorites are so you don’t have to.

Which are the Best Nail Salons and Spas around Plano, TX?

Often you need to try a few places to find the exact right one for you. We are spoilt for choice with the best spas and nail salons in the DFW Metroplex right on our doorstep. These are our favorite picks, for you!

Nail Salons near me

24+ totally awesome options for the Best Hair Salon Plano has to offer

Most independent hairstylists operate out of a salon suite room here in North Texas, but there are some bigger salons with multiple hairstylists for you to try too! These stylists are mentioned often by local Moms.

hair stylist

14 of the Best Places for Kids Haircuts

Getting a haircut for squirmy young kids is usually a tough thing for parents to do, but still, a cut needs to happen regularly! Some salons and stylists are specially trained for sensory sensitive kids and fun decorated salons are fitted out with toy car seats and more to make a haircut fun

12 of the Best Places to get a Massage around Plano

Ironing out the kinks is so important, as is just having an hour to yourself for the ultimate in relaxation – with so many health benefits. Some massage therapists operate on their own, usually in one of the many salon suites in town, but you may find your perfect match at one of the massage chains that have locations all around the Plano area.


Find a Gym Near Me for the Best Fitness for Women Around Collin County

If you’re like me and just want one gym membership with a variety of classes, good clean facilities, childcare options and great equipment to use, you’ll find the best in town right here. The City of Plano also has family membership with great gyms in their Recreation Centers for you to try.

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