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Our Huge Guide to Playful Things to Do with Babies Near Me {and Toddlers}

Check out these ideas for Things to do with Babies near me

Even though you may be very busy breastfeeding, catching up on sleep, or constantly changing diapers, you probably also want to get out of the house and do something “live a little.” 

The good news is that you can get out with your babies and toddlers!

With small babies that are still easy to carry around often, you can get some “me time” in while the baby is sleeping in their carrier or you can take them out and find things to do with newborns.

And for these or older ones, there are tons of family-friendly activities for both of you to enjoy whenever you are ready and have fun.

So, check out these activities and let the good times begin.

Things to do with Babies near me

11+ Best Mommy and Me Classes near me in Collin County

Consider activities that you can enjoy together, although you think the baby may not benefit much from these classes (they do sleep a lot).

But still, you most likely will since you will be meeting other Moms who understand you better than anyone else, and a new friendship may bloom. Just choose the activity that you enjoy! 

Swimming Lessons for Kids

Places like Emler Swim School, Aqua-Tots, and Goldfish all have great lessons for Babies. One example, at Emler, is Bathtime Babies for Ages 2 to 5 months.

This is a great way to combine teaching your toddlers to swim and you can be social with other parents while your baby is in the pool. It’s a great idea for things to do with babies near me.

British swim 1

Find Mom Groups to join

Seasoned or first-time Moms will benefit from joining mommy groups. They connect mothers from the same areas and those with similar parenting styles for play dates and moms’ nights out.

You can find great advice, give and get support from other mommies, and make new friends. 

The Best Picks for Mother’s Day Out near me (in Plano, TX)

If you want to provide your babies with socialization and some enrichment, finding a short daily half-day session two or three times a week is a great option.

Get to know the Plano Libraries

The local Library makes an excellent destination for the whole family. It always provides engaging storytime sessions for infants, toddlers, and families, as well as other fun hands-on activities. 

The Plano Public Library offers a variety of age-appropriate storytimes that teach early literacy and reading readiness skills for children.

Check out your public library website to see scheduled events. 

21 of the Best Local Splash Pads & Spray Parks for Kids

The best way to get out in the heat and stay wet at the same time. The youngest kids love running in and out of spray jets in well-padded play areas, designed for the purpose.

Many of the best splash pads and spray parks are in and around Plano, TX.

Splash Pads North Dallas

Drop-In Daycare for Kids around Plano

If you need to find some short-term quick childcare so you can run errands, go shopping or take care of some appointments, there are some great drop-in daycare options around Plano Texas.

19 Awesome Outdoor Playgrounds in Collin County

The City of Plano and other nearby cities offers us beautiful parks, trails (like Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and Haggard Park), and recreation facilities that would help to live a healthy lifestyle and have a quality life.

It is a perfect place to clear your mind and offers great options for things to do with babies near me, so you can focus on important things in life. 

Plano With Toddlers

51+ Must-Visit Museums in Dallas TX to Visit Right Now

Some of our local museums have tons of fun things to do with babies near me, and really sweet activities and events specially designed for family fun. Even a local railway museum can provide little learning moments and fun for the youngest kids.

We love Heritage Farmstead Museum as one of our favorites for babies and toddlers.

11 Local Gyms with Childcare in Plano and Frisco

While you’re getting your workout in, your baby and toddler will be having fun with child care staff and enjoying social time with other kids! It’s a win-win.

25 Best Places to Take Babies and Toddlers in North Dallas

New and seasoned moms alike know that leaving the house with a baby or toddler in tow (or two!) is no easy task. It takes some effort to leave the house, getting out and about in a new environment is beneficial for both you and your child. 

It can be intimidating to try somewhere new with your kiddos if you don’t know what to expect whether you’re a new mom breastfeeding and looking for somewhere to go with your newborn or wrangling toddlers. Here are 25 of our favorite places to go!

Other fun, free and cheap ideas that are fun for Toddlers

All little kids love trains. Head to the nearest DART Rail station, board at Downtown Plano or Parker Road station, and ride the train to Downtown Dallas or head towards DFW airport. They love it and sometimes we will stop along the way for a bite to eat or just to go for a walk before heading back.

DART passes are pretty affordable too.

Things to do with babies near me

For the Vintage train experience, there’s Grapevine Vintage Railroad at a higher price. But we are big fans of the Farmers Branch Historical Park where our kids can climb onto what they both call the “real-life Little Red Caboose.”

The Farmers Branch Historical Park is a museum on 27 acres. There are $3 tours and the park hosts many affordable and fun events, some free, throughout the year.

Be sure to update us on your favorite places! Let us know in the comments.


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