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7 Reasons you really need to visit The Heritage Farmstead Museum

While Plano has grown from a sleepy farm town, famous for its mules and flat landscape, it’s now a bustling city of nearly 300,000 residents.

There are, however, definite landmarks around Plano where you really can go back in time and imagine what it was like when the early settlers lived in the area.

Heritage Farmstead Ammie Wilson house

The Heritage Farmstead is exactly that, a collection of original homes with unique historical stories to tell of local characters who inhabited the area to begin shaping what it is today.

It’s also a working farm, with animals, pretty gardens, and a great spot for Birthday Parties, Camps, and annual events like the Holiday Lights on the Farmstead.

It’s located on a 4.5-acre farm complex off 15th Street and serves over 4,000 visitors annually.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there are more reasons than not to visit, but here are 7 of our favorite reasons to visit the Heritage Farmstead Museum.

Location: 1900 West 15th Street, Plano, Texas 75075

1. You can step back into Plano History

Built in 1891, the Heritage Farmstead is an active farm and house that has been preserved very nicely so you can experience what life was like back in the day.  

The Heritage Farmstead has a house you can walk through (the home of Hunter and Mary Alice Farrell) and see replicas of what life was like in each room from clothing to dishes and baths.

A crowd favorite is a one-room schoolhouse you can look in and sit at a desk to get a good picture of what school was like back then!

Heritage Farmstead Plano TX

The “collection” of the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano, Texas contains 10,000 objects and archival materials. These objects relate to Blackland Prairie life in North Texas from the Victorian Era from 1890 to 1920. The collection is used to furnish the Museum’s historic buildings and is protected and preserved for scholarly study.

The Heritage Farmstead in Plano, Texas has a variety of furniture and domestic items from the Victorian Era.

Ammie Wilson House Plano TX

All items, if not belonging to the Farrell-Wilson’s, belonged to other prominent Plano family members from the period or are Victorian Era replicas.

Some notable items include a William Morris chair, a leader in the Arts and Crafts Movement; a Sanger Bros. Victrola; various irons from the 1800s through the early 1900s; and an early telephone from The American Bell Telephone Company.

2. Mingle and visit with the Farm Animals

While the Farmstead Museum is open you can visit with Farm Animals during their opening hours, if you have a 2-5-year-old, be sure to go on a Little Farmer Friday, at 10am.

Preschool kids can read a story, make a craft, meet the livestock, enjoy a wagon ride and enjoy the two-hour, come-and-go program which closes at noon.

At the farm you can visit with foul, donkeys, pigs and more! While it’s not set up as a petting zoo, it’s a great place to visit with animals

3. The cost to visit is very affordable the Heritage Farmstead Museum

General admission includes a self-guided tour of the grounds, animal viewing, and outside of buildings. Self-guided tours do not include access to the Farrell-Wilson House, the Young House, or the School House.  A printed guide is available to pick up at the Gift Shop.

The cost starts at $5 for a self-guided tour and $10 for a public tour.

Petting Farm, Animals near me

4. It’s a great place for Kids to Learn

The team at the Heritage Farmstead Museum has done a great job at producing educational material and downloadable resources for Homeschooling groups, Teachers, and families who are looking to teach this era of history to their young children.

The trained volunteers (often dressed in costume) will teach and tell stories about the local personalities who owned the homes or lived in homes like them.

During the Summer, you can also book your kids into one of their themed Summer Camps which combine learning with fun adventures on the farm!

5. You can rent space at the Heritage Farmstead Museum

The historic Pole Barn starts at $850 for 4 hours and up to 100 guests, perfect for a wedding or private occasion, which really comes alive on balmy Summer evenings.

6. It’s a great Summer Camp option!

But be quick, by April many of their most popular camps may be fully booked. Numbers are small and cozy, allowing for maximum fun and learning.

Heritage Farmstead

7. The Holiday Lights at the Heritage Farmstead is a must-see

In the last couple of years, the team at the Heritage Farmstead has begun opening up the Museum at night during select evenings in December, with thousands of sparking holiday lights, a visit with Santa, and beautiful exhibits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Opening Hours?

Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am – 2pm, for ground tours

How much does it cost to visit?

It costs $10 for a Public Tour and Grounds Admission is $5. Annual Membership options are available starting at $60 for 2 people giving free admission.
Other events are priced differently, for Homeschoolers, Scouts and other types of groups.

Where can I park nearby?

You can park in the attached parking lot or along both sides of Pitman Drive, Plano 75075, Do not park in the Chase Bank Parking lot during bank hours.
Additional free parking is available in the BT Furnishings parking lot at 1300 Custer Road, Plano TX 75075

Can I bring my dog?

As it’s a working farm with animals onsite, only service animals are allowed and must be leashed and under control of their handler. No other dogs are allowed.

Can I bring my own Food and Drinks onsite?

Yes, you can bring food and drinks with you, but please ensure you dispose of any trash or take it away with you.

Heritage Farmstead Museum Plano