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Our Huge Guide to Things to Do with Teens

When your kids get older, it becomes harder to find things to do with teens and the resources they need at each stage: during High School.

First-time moms of teens will know that figuring out what Mums are and choosing a great dress for homecoming is as important as securing their drivers’ license.

What can Teens do this Summer

5 Great Resources for Parents of Teens

Your Big Guide to Homecoming, Proms & Mums for Homecoming

As your teens head into their high school journey, the dances, and the traditions all pop up during the year. Whether it’s Homecoming or Proms, the unique tradition of the giving and accepting of Mums is a mystery to many Moms who are new to Texas. We clear it all up for you and answer every question you have.

Look! Who is the Best Orthodontist near me around Plano, TX?

Straightening your teen’s teeth is usually a priority but can also be a big expense and a long-term commitment for them. Be sure to do your research before you choose your orthodontist. We’ve gone through this process and have picked out a few of the most popular and recommended options locally.

How to Survive the DPS (Department of Public Safety)

Even getting an appointment is a challenge, and you need to ensure you book ahead at the right time and that you have the right documents too!

Volunteer Opportunities for Kids: Your List of Places Around the Plano Area

If your teen is earning credits for the National Junior Honors Society and has a requirement for volunteer hours, these options are worth considering. Check out the City of Plano’s Volunteer program for more ideas.

Driving Safely: the Best Schools for Driving Lessons for Teens

Once your teen reaches their 15th birthday, they can get their drivers permit from the DPS and can then start their Drivers Ed and then you can book instruction with driving lessons for teens in the area!

things to do with teens

4 Guides for Things to do with Teens

If you’re lucky, your teen will want to hang with you, but often they’ll want to enjoy fun activities for teens with friends.

Get your Discounted Membership of the Pogo Pass Dallas!

The great thing about the Pogo Pass is that your teen can download the app and show the QR code when entering a local venue which is included. And with a discount, this makes it a no-brainer to get for all your family members for a full year of local fun.

18 Totally Awesome Things to Do Near Me for Teens

If you’re looking for ideas to get them out and away from their phone or inside their bedroom playing computer games when they only appear when you cook dinner! These are 18 of our favorite truly awesome things to do – some are even bucket list items.

Movies near me: 23 of the best theaters around DFW!

Depending on the movies that are out, a good movie theater is always a favorite with teens who might want to watch a movie marathon in addition to their favorite TV shows. These are 23 of our best local theaters around Dallas Fort Worth.

Summer Camps for Tweens and Teens & Overnight Camps

The Summer is the longest and most drawn-out part of the year, it seems. Teens need a break but often after a couple of weeks, they’re talking about how bored they are. Let us help you out with ideas for overnight camps and local camps which teens love.


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