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Charities, Community and Worship

Finding a place for worship: a Church, Mosque, Synagogue or Temple, Community Organization, and Non-Profits is really important for adult and family life.

If you’re in need of a faith community, a non-profit for financial support and resources, or a place to volunteer with kids, we have a ton of resources based on our own experiences and research in the DFW area.

Christ United Methodist Church

Volunteer Opportunities for Kids: Your List of Places Around the Plano Area

We hear this question a lot, in our Facebook Group! As parents, it’s natural for us to teach our children important lessons about helping those who are less able and have less than they do.

Our list of places has programs and options that are open to you and your kids to volunteer and earn volunteer hours as needed for high school.

10 Local Plano Non-Profits you may not even know about

In the Plano area, there are too many well-organized Non-Profits that deliver services and resources to those in need and reach out to various communities who benefit from their help. We chose 10 of the most notable and favorites to highlight and demonstrate how great they are.

A Huge Guide to the best VBS near me(Vacation Bible Schools)

During the Summer, many of the local Churches offer a week long program for kids, to cover Bible Stories and provide an introduction to the community for new and local families.

We list them all so you can check the dates and see which options might suit your Summer schedule.

Vacation Bible School

The Ultimate Hanukkah Events Guide: The Festival of Lights

For our Jewish neighbors, the Festival of Lights (Hanukkah) coincides close to the Festival of Diwali and usually before Christmas every year. We compile a list of local events which include Menorah lightings and celebrations in the local area.

Directories You Can Use


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