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Over 80 Most Popular Places to have a Birthday Party near me

While the choice of a birthday party venue depends on who it’s for (for kids it depends on age and for adults it depends on different variables) having a list of ideas is essential.

If you’re new to the area or it’s your first time planning a birthday party, we have done all the hard work for you and all the research.

For places to have a Birthday party near me, we have ideas for ages stages, and interests. We also have some new and unique places for private parties that local families love and locations in the Plano TX area!

All the Best Places to have a Birthday Party Near Me

More than 60 of the Best Kids’ Birthday Party Places

A great place to start, this is the ultimate step-by-step guide to planning a birthday celebration, where we help you make your decisions the right way.

When the average cost of hosting a birthday party is somewhere between $200 and $400, let us take the guesswork and cut the time you need to choose the right place around the Dallas Fort Worth area.

The Best Birthday Party Places for Kids | Plano Moms

20 New & Novel Kids Birthday Party Places near me in DFW 

If you’ve already planned a few birthday parties you may have thought you knew all the places to have a birthday party near me. But each year we seem to get more and more new and interesting event spaces that offer party packages including food, party favors and more.

We keep track of all of them for you and have picked some of our favorites for you to try to make this a great birthday celebration.

Best Places to have a Birthday Party near me

45 of the Best Local Places for Birthday Cake Makers Near Me

If you’re worried about your lack of baking skills but still want to offer up a really fun and interest-themed cake for those photo ops, we collected all the recommendations we’ve seen from our Facebook group all around North Texas.

Photo Credit: My Three Baby Cakes

73 Really Awesome Ways to Score Freebies for Your Birthday

Not just for the kids, but we all love freebies when our birthday rolls around each year. These companies and stores offer great specials and gifts, so make sure to check the list and sign up on their email lists or mark your calendar to redeem your freebie

It's Birthday time. What freebies can I get Pin

10 of the best Happy Birthday Yard Signs Companies around Plano

And you must not forget to let the whole neighborhood know about the special celebration happening in your home and give the birthday boy or girl the best surprise when they see the yard sign appear suddenly.

These companies offer customizable yard signs to your heart’s content!

Yard Signs Plano, Frisco, McKinney

And if you want Oprah’s ideas, she also has some great suggestions!

25 New and Quirky Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers and Kids under 6

We’ve done the work for you with some of Plano’s best birthday party ideas for children under six years old no matter your budget or vibe you’re going for.


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