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The Ultimate Guide to Schools near me

Once our kids reach school age, we have big decisions to make to find schools near us: do we choose a Public School, a Charter School, to Homeschool, or a Private School? Do we choose where to live, based on the zoned school close by?

You can also start your kids young, by finding a good daycare or preschool for socialization, play, learning, and childcare.

We have tons of options for schools near me around the Plano area, so we help you navigate those with these picks, saving you time and a lot of Googling!

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Everything You Need to Know about Plano ISD Schools: Your Unlimited Guide

At nearly every corner and in every neighborhood, by design, you’ll find a local campus at all levels from Elementary up to Senior High, for kids from K-12 with the addition of some preschools which are designated as Early Childhood centers.

Although Plano is served by other districts too (check your zone maps to see if you’re served by Plano ISD, Frisco ISD, Allen ISD, or Wylie ISD) Plano ISD itself also supports students who actually live in the border areas of surrounding cities, like Richardson, Dallas, and Murphy.

Check out our ultimate guide to all the things you need to know, from registration to lunch menus, teacher/student ratios and so much more.

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Transfer Schools in PISD Plano, Texas

Although you’ll be zoned to your neighborhood campuses, there are some campuses that are open (during a window of time) for transfers.

Be sure you know what the timelines are and the process.

Plano ISD Calendar 2023-24: Get ready to plan your year!

Having visibility into the school calendar is vital, especially when you want to plan vacations or due to work, need to find childcare to help out when school is out of session.

Plano ISD School Bus

More: For information on Texas public schools

Where are the best Preschools near me?

This often feels like a loaded question, as every preschool is going to offer something slightly different – whether it’s more of an in-home situation, has a Montessori focus, is more traditional or caters to your religious preferences.

We’ve pulled together the most recommended options, to help you shortlist the best options for you to tour and help you make your own decision.

2023 Guide to 95+ Best Private Schools Near Me: Plano area

If you’re looking for something specific and need an alternative environment for your child, there are a wide variety of different types of private schools, including those for religious needs and also learning differences.

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