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Plano ISD Calendar 2022-23

First Day of School for 2022-2023 in Plano Independent School District (PISD)

Plano ISD Public Schools will start on Wednesday August 10.

They will have a 4 day weekend for Labor Day – Friday, September 2, and Monday, September 5.

This calendar shows the school holidays which are set on the calendar. Please note the following: national holidays, state holidays and federal holidays. They may differ from private school calendars.

Teacher and Kindergarten student Plano ISD

Last Day of School for 2022-2023 in Plano Independent School District

School will end on May 26 (usually with staggered early release times – be sure to check with your campus for details)

Plano ISD Mid-year Holidays and Breaks


  • October 10-11: Student Holiday
  • November 21-25: Thanksgiving Break 
  • December 16: Last Day of first Semester
  • December 19–January 3: Winter Break 


  • January 4: Start of Second Semester
  • January 16: Student Holiday
  • February 20: Student Holiday
  • March 6–13: Spring Break
  • April 6-10: Student Holiday
  • April 24: Student Holiday
  • May 26: Last Day of School (Early Release)

Plano ISD Calendar

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Plano ISD 2022 23 Calendear

Tips for understanding the Plano ISD Calendar

Look out for those dates in mustard yellow color. Those are Staff Days and Student Holidays, which also include federal and state holidays.

Usually, they allocate them to extend another block of days, but occasionally they are random dates (like April 24)

Also, look out for those Student Early Release dates (which are indicated by a green outlined box). These are usually the last day of the semester, before an extended break – December 16 and May 26.

(Side note: on Early Release dates, be sure to check if your campus is offering lunch to students before they leave)

Plano ISD school

Finally, check out those Inclement Weather Days. In the last couple of school years, we have used those to make up for lost days when school was canceled (remember those snow storms?).

If we don’t have any weather cancellations they remain on the Plano ISD School Calendar as student holidays. Be sure to keep signed up on your campus’ PTA and school email lists, as they’ll notify you of any decisions or changes that are made on those.

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Sandra Masoner

Saturday 14th of January 2023

When do you enroll a kindergarten student for next school year?


Monday 16th of January 2023

Enrollment for kindergarten students new to the district for the 2023-24 school year is an online process and will be available no later than July 19th. Campus staff will review enrollment documents, and they will confirm your child's kindergarten placement for the 2023-24 school year. here is a link to explain it all:,the%202021%2D22%20school%20year.