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Moving Home in Plano

Moving home in PlanoWelcome to the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex and the beautiful suburb of Plano, TX!   Did you just move here or are considering to move here? According to Niche, a ranking and review site, Plano is #1 for 2018 Best Cities to Buy a House in America, based on home values, property taxes, […]

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Everything You need to know to Transfer Schools in PISD

Everything You Need to Know About How to Transfer Schools in PISD Plano, Texas

How to transfer Schools within PISD A common question asked amongst Plano Moms is how to transfer a child to a different school in town. Whatever reason you are wanting a transfer, it is possible, but there is a procedure to follow. Here is how to transfer schools in Plano, Texas. You need to have […]

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I could NEVER Homeschool – a Plano Mom’s Story

The answer “We homeschool” is almost always met with, “I could never do that!” The response always makes me pause a second because there is really no good reply. I could mumble something like, “Oh okay.” I can ignore it and just move on in the conversation. Or, what I really want to do sometimes […]

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Why Dara chose a Private School for her Daughter – a Plano Mom’s Story

I feel like if you tell someone in North Texas “My child attends private school at…” people will look at you as if you have spoken a foreign language. The schools in North Texas are superior for the most part so why on earth would anyone consider anything else? Needless to say I was not […]

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Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program

Since 2014, the Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program opens up for PISD High School Students. It connects motivated high school students to local businesses and organizations. These interns are provided real work experiences that help them transition into college and future careers.  Students selected will work their paid 8-week internship from June 10 to August […]

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Tips to Ease Back into School Routines

Now that school is just a few short weeks away it’s time to get your school mind set back. Gone are the lazy summer days of summer. Transitioning can be hard so it’s important to make a slow one back into school, especially for little kids. Here are some ideas and tips to ease back into […]

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How to Choose a Quality Preschool

Choosing a childcare can be an overwhelming process. There are too many options and it is not easy to discern which is the best choice for your child. Thankfully, there are a few resources available that should allow you to see through the true strength of a childcare’s offering. But first, you must ask yourself […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Plano Schools

All About Plano Schools If you are new to Plano or just have younger kids it’s a good idea to learn a little bit more about Plano schools. Plano Schools are structured a little differently from other surrounding school districts so it’s a good idea to know more about them before your kids start. More […]

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self-help skills kinder

Self Help Skills to Know Before Kindergarten

When your child is of kindergarten age you might be worried about whether or not they are fully prepared. There can be so many things to do and prepare for this big transition. You will want to make sure your child can do some self-help skills on their own to function for the long day. […]

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Find the Best School in Plano for Your Kids

Plano is named for being one of the best cities to live in. Not only is the cost of living reasonable, but the schools are rated some of the best in the state. Starting school is a huge milestone for kids. You want to find the right school to serve your child’s needs. Here are […]

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