Everything You Need to Know to Transfer Schools in PISD

Everything You Need to Know About How to Transfer Schools in PISD Plano, Texas

how to transfer schools in Plano ISD

How to transfer Schools within PISD

A common question asked amongst Plano Moms is how to transfer a child to a different school in town. Whatever reason you are wanting a transfer, it is possible, but there is a procedure to follow. Here is how to transfer schools in Plano, Texas.

You need to have all the information on the school you wish to transfer to PISD does not allow transfers to every school. It depends on the size and any other circumstances. For 2020-2021 school year this is what the PISD website says:

Due to building instructional programs and functions, enrollment projections, staff assignments, boundary changes, and/or anticipated construction projects they will NOT be approving requests to transfer for the fall semester of the 2020-21 school year TO the following schools:      

Gulledge Elementary 

Schell Elementary

Wells Elementary

Renner Middle School 

Transfer requests to all other Plano I.S.D. schools will be considered on space/staff available basis in the particular grade level/classroom. Several grade levels in a building may be closed to transfer students due to staffing and enrollment.

Due to enrollment and staffing issues involved with specialized programs no transfers will be granted for pre-kindergarten programs offered at Isaacs, Beaty, and Pearson Early Childhood Schools and Head Start during the 2020-21 school year.

Some schools have different application processes, including Huffman Elementary, Plano East IB World School, Health Sciences Academy or the Plano ISD Academy.

Transfer schools in PISD

A non-refundable transfer application fee of $50.00 per request is due at the time of application. This list is subject to change as periodic updates and modifications of actual and projected enrollments, building capacities, staff assignments, and attendance boundary changes are confirmed and when limits are approved and campuses must be closed.

Transfer window dates vary every year

In order to secure your spot, you must do this ASAP! Taken from the PISD website:

Transfers are approved on a first-come first serve basis to available schools and grade levels. Transfer limits apply and when limits are reached grade levels and campuses are closed to transfers. 

For more information contact:

Student Administrative Services

Address: 5804 Coit Road, Suite # 102,Plano, Texas 75023

Business Hours: 8:00 – 5:00 Monday – Friday                         

Phone: 469-752-3793 or 469-752-3794

Are you new to Plano ISD?

Here is more information all about the schools across the district. 

Here are some most common questions asked by Plano Moms about transferring to other schools in the district.

  1. Once I transfer one of my kids, will I need to follow the same procedure to transfer my remaining kids as they become school age?   Yes! You will need to follow the same procedure. Just because one of your children was accepted for a transfer does not mean others will. You will have to apply and hope the rest get accepted as well. 
  2. My child will be starting Kinder in the Fall but I want him to attend a different school, how do I transfer him? You will need to register your child at their home school and then apply for the transfer following the above procedure as outlined by Plano ISD transfer policies. 
  3. We are moving. Can my kids stay at their same school in Plano? If you are staying the same zone then your kids can stay at the same school. If you are moving into a different boundary area then your kids will need to transfer schools. You would need to contact the new school to get more information on registration. If it is the 2nd semester, we’ve been told they can stay and finish out the remainder of the school year. 
  4.  Do I have to reapply for a transfer every school year? NO!!! Once you get the transfer, you are good to go for the remainder of that school term until the child moves to a different school. For ex: If you got accepted for elementary school you will reapply if trying for a certain middle school, then high school. 

Plano Moms Suggest These Tips:

  • On the Morning of Transfer Day: Get up Early and BE READY BEFORE 6:30 on the computer. Get your fingers ready to get in!!!!!
  • After you’ve been given your number to go to Admin building don’t forget your $50 registration fee!!! (non-refundable)
  • Keep in mind for older kids transferring (middle and high school aged) that if playing sports they could be put on academic probation due to the transfer, just be aware.

Do you have any more questions or tips for on the transfer process? Let us know!

33 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About How to Transfer Schools in PISD Plano, Texas”

  1. Avatar

    Thanks for this information, was very useful. Had a related question and was wondering if you could shed some light on this question…

    If my child goes to a particular school and we end up moving to another locality that no longer feeds into this school, can my child continue to be in her/his school though we are now living in another locality? it would help establish continuity for the child.

    1. Avatar

      That’s a great question! Normally if you do transfer mid year your child will still be able to attend the same school the rest of the year. The next year if you still want your child to attend you would have to file for a transfer to that school. Does this help?

      1. Avatar

        Thanks so much for your response!
        Is filing a transfer to allow the child to continue to attend in the same school contingent on vacancies or is this a simple procedure? Thanks for your responses.

      2. Avatar

        If I transfer my daughter to the other high school going to her senior high, would she be able to try out for a sport at the new high school?

  2. Avatar

    Thanks for the article really helps. I have a question. My daughter will be entering Kinder garden next year and I am checking schools in the area. My school is a good school. However there is another school very close that has better rating and better credentials and belongs to the same district. How can I request a transfer If I haven’t even enrolled my daughter on the school that she is supposed to go?

    1. Avatar

      That’s a great question! I would contact PISD! I’m not sure since she isn’t enrolled yet. I would assume you would do the same thing and follow the transfer request in the spring but it’s better to get the answers from them and know beforehand! Good luck!!

  3. Avatar

    Hi my Son is attending centennial elementary this year, but we are planning to move to a new home in December for that new home address the attendance school is barksdale, how can we change him to the new school? Withdraw and re apply?

    1. Avatar

      Hi there. If you are wanting him to go to his new school you would need to let his current school know the change and then go to his new school and register him. Since it will be his homeschool you would not need to transfer. I hope this helps!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Sarah, I’m assuming you live close by to a PISD school? I would suggest calling Plano ISD school’s to see what the appropriate steps are. Transfer requests are not always accepted so it’s best to know what you are dealing with. Good luck!

  4. Avatar

    My daughter got a transfer to Centennial from another PISD school.
    Her brother is expected to start kinder year this fall.
    Is there a grandfather in policy in PISD? Or the same transfer process again?
    Thanks for your time

    1. Avatar

      This is a great question! I’m trying to find the answer for you. I am not sure. I am asking Moms in the Facebook group! Thanks

  5. Avatar

    Hello, thanks for the information, I am moving from another state in June, we found an apartment which is nicely located and schools are great, but the freshman high school is very far from the place, but there is another highly rated school closer to the place so can I enroll her in that school?

    1. Avatar

      Hi, I would call Plano ISD and make sure you are in the right school district. We do not have a freshman center. Our high schools run 9th/10th and 11th/12th. I hope this helps. You can always apply for a transfer. The secondary transfer process has already started. Good luck!

  6. Avatar

    We currently live in Plano & my son would be feeding into Vines HS 2020. My question is if we are thinking about moving some properties say Plano but Allen isd or Allen isd or Plano but Frisco isd. He wants to continue with his classmates and go to Vines & Plano Senior. Would I just do a simple transfer request like normal? Or if it’s a different city all together is it at all permissible ?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Billie, If you move to a differently zoned ISD you’d need to ask Plano ISD if there is a way to continue at his current school.

  7. Avatar

    My son is in Isaacs and we are planning to move pretty soon to Allen. His Allen school have enrollment start in march for kinder. Will isaacs PISD let him stay and finish his school since its only 3 months left for the school year to end? or will they not allow it if we are planning to move late march?

    1. Avatar

      Hey Fari, I don’t want to give you the wrong information, so I’ll be referring you to PISD directly to confirm the answer.

  8. Avatar

    Do the children who attend the pre-k/Early Childhood program at an elementary school outside of their home address/boundary, get automatic transfer for Kindergarten into the school hosting their pre-k program, or for Kindergarten they have to revert back to the boundary school?


    1. Avatar

      I “believe” that you would get a spot at your zoned elementary school, regardless of the school your child previously attended.

  9. Avatar

    We have applied for transfer and was told we are 2nd on the list but actually just found out we were misinformed over the phone back in February and that we are 9th position. What can we do to make the transfer happen?

    1. Avatar

      Hey Mim, I think with time, you’ll get updates on whether the spot is available, but it will depend on a few factors. If you haven’t already, contact PISD for more information

  10. Avatar

    I am living in Plano but zoned to frisco ISD, can I request a transfer to a PSID elementary school which is just few blocks away?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Irene, if you are zoned to one school district, you need to check with them if you can transfer to another school within that district. You cannot transfer between school districts if you are not in their zoned area.

  11. Avatar

    Thanks for this post. We are debating moving to a house in Centennial, but would rather send our kids to Brinker, where my husband went. What do you think the odds are this would be approved? Anyone with experience?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Courtney, Right now transfers are up in the air! It depends if Brinker has spots available in the grade level you need. You can start by emailing askpisd@pisd.edu and they can guide you further on the options available to you.

  12. Avatar


    How difficult is to get a kid who is not zoned in PWSH transferred into Plano West Senior High School. A couple of years ago, I heard that Plano West Senior High School stopped accepting intra district transfers. Is this true?

  13. Avatar
    Melissa Mantooth

    We are new to the area we live in CityLine district and I have a 8th boy who I’m guessing will attend Armstrong middle school. I’ve been told this is a prodemitly Hispanic school? Which is fine except we don’t speech Spanish at all, can anyone give me a fair opinion regarding this middle school?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Melissa, I think one of our strengths as a city is our diversity. The main language in all schools is always US English, and ESL is provided for all students who have Spanish as their native language. If you ask in our Facebook group, Plano Moms Talk, you can definitely chat with other parents there at the school too, which will help you.

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