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Looking after your Pets: Your Ultimate Local Guide to Vets, Pet Sitters, Boarding places and More

Our Family Members are not just the humankind, but the furry kind too! For all our Pet lovers, whether you have dogs or cats or any other type of domestic animal you take care of, we have all the resources you’ll ever need.

We have ideas for Pet Sitters, Boarding Places, Vets, Dog-friendly restaurants and so much more.

Cats and Dogs Pets Plano TX

30+ Tried and Tested Pet Sitting & Boarding Places for Dogs & Cats

If you’re new to the area, just got your first pet, or just now deciding to leave them for significant periods of time, you will likely want to find a trusted pet sitter or dog walker who can come to your home and take care of the needs of your dog or cat.

If you’re away for a longer period of time, a boarding place might be better. We have our picks for the best options for your pets!

Which are the best Vets Near Me: for Pets around Plano?

Choosing a veterinarian is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll likely make for your furry friends and for you. We recommend trying out one and ensuring their ethos for care fits what you’re looking for.

15 of our favorite Dog-Friendly Restaurants around Plano

Eating out is always more fun when we can bring our pups with us, but not every restaurant is friendly to them. This list of 15 of our favorites, which are absolutely dog-friendly.

Dog Friendly Restaurants

Try the Plano Animal Shelter & other ways to adopt a Pet

While you can easily find a breeder and pay a large fee to get a new puppy or special type of breed, there are many animals of all types which are ready to be adopted, at the Plano Animal Shelter. Other non-profit organizations also try and match displaced animals with new owners and loving homes.

Plano Animal Shelter for pets

If you are missing a pet, be sure to reach out to the City of Plano!


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