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Places Around Plano to Volunteer With Your Kids

Teaching kids about the needs of others is very important. You can open their eyes to many new experiences while teaching them to be kind and helpful to others. Teaching about charity is one of the most beneficial things you can do as a parent. There are several places around the city that accept children as volunteers. Take a look at these great places around Plano where you can volunteer with your kids. This would be a wonderful thing to do around the holidays with the whole family!

Volunteer With Kids in Plano

This Side Up Family

Moving families from surviving to thriving. A non-profit provides a safe, family-friendly environment while giving parents all the tools, skills and quality activities they need to succeed. Volunteers are always needed (14 years and older).  They have so many events going on all the time!

The Storehouse of Collin County

Housed out of St. Andrews Methodist Church, this organization provides food and clothing for those in need. They also provide training, help, and education for women in poverty to help them reach goals and become sufficient for their families.  Kids must be 13 years or older to volunteer and be with an adult. Adults must be 18 years or older, no longer in school, and complete a background check.

Wee Volunteer

Monthly calendar projects that can get the whole family involved. Some of the projects include Meals on Wheels, Operation Kindness, and the North Texas Food Bank. These are all tailored for preschool and elementary aged children. Check them out on Facebook! They are having a big family day on November 18th.

Hope’s Door

Offers intervention and prevention services to individuals and families affected by family violence. It’s located in Plano but serves all of North Texas area. They love volunteers! Kids ages 12 and older and must be present with a parent or guardian. All volunteers must complete an application, background check, and attend a 1-hour training.

Minnie’s Food Pantry

A mission to provide healthy meals and resources (with the red carpet treatment!) to families in need. Minnie’s is 100% community funded and loves volunteers. Moms have told me that they do require volunteers to be 13 years and older. Please check with them before going. 972-596-0253

Live Green in Plano Opportunities

A great way to get involved in the city is to help out around the town by cleaning up! All kids 13 years and older are welcome to join in. An orientation is required to attend before volunteering on an on-going basis. Programs include garden clean up, liter and creek cleanups, storm drain labeling, and more!


Other Places to Volunteer in Plano/Dallas:

Plano Animal Shelter: Must be 18 years old, agree to a 3-month commitment, and be able to volunteer at least 8 hours a month.

Children’s Hospital: Student volunteers are always needed at local children’s hospitals to support staff and help with customer service. Students must be 16 years or older and interested in donating time to help serve others. (Dallas campus only) Includes both summer and school year sessions.

JustServe: This is a great website where projects are posted based on where you live. All you do is select your area and choose a project you are interested in helping. You will have to read the requirements (if any) on how to get started and see if kids are allowed.

VolunteerMatch: Bringing good people and good causes together. Search for a cause you care about and find one in your area that is in need!

Have you ever volunteered with your kids before? Tell us about it! We’d love to hear your experience!

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