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Driving Safely: the Best Schools for Driving Lessons for Teens

Are you looking for Drivers Ed, Driving Schools and Driving Lessons for Teens around the Plano area?

Once your teen reaches their 15th birthday, they can get their drivers permit from the DPS and can then start their Drivers Ed and then you can book instruction with driving lessons for teens in the area!

More: How to Survive the DPS (Department of Public Safety)

Road to Success

Location: 909 W. Spring Creek Pkwy, Ste 420, Plano 75023

Call: 469-209-0814

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 1-3 pm and Saturday 1-3 pm

Mr Chester is renowned as one of the best teachers in Plano. He is less than 4 miles from any Plano high school and has different teaching styles – audio, visual, and kinesthetic.

They teach group driver lessons for 2 hours every evening, Monday-Thursday for 4 weeks including 32 hours of scheduled classroom instruction and 14 hours behind the wheel.

They test for permits on-site and can also offer a driver’s license road test.

Book early!

DFW Driving School

Location: 2050 W. Spring Creek Parkway, Plano

Call: 972-845-7979

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 3pm – 8pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm

They enroll early and open their schedules on the last day of the month for the following month (5pm on the last day of the month) so you can book drive times.

In addition to instruction, they also offer road tests too, at Plano and also at their Frisco location.

They offer online booking, which makes it really easy!

All Star Driving School


All Star Driving School is the place that most Moms have used in the past or more recently for their kids and is often mentioned in Facebook groups!

It’s not surprising as they have been operating in Dallas and Plano since 1982!

You can enroll for driving lessons and a road test online and they have standard and premium packages, classroom only and in-car only options. Their standard teen package includes 32 hours of classroom instruction and 7 hours of in-car driver training and 7 hours of observation and testing for permits, starting at $495.

A Asian Driving School 

Location: 2828 West Parker Road Suite #105 Plano, Texas 75075

Call: 214-606-0063

Hours: 7 days a week

This driving school does get some consistent mentions in our Facebook group, so we include it as a good option!

They do offer free pick up and drop off from home addresses and work addresses in the Plano area.

Driving School of North Texas

If you live in Frisco, McKinney, or Allen, there are some local locations in each of those cities. Frisco has two locations – Frisco West and Frisco East

Parent-led Driving Lessons for Teens

All teens need to have a permit before starting driving school. You can use the Aceable app before the permit. Many Moms do parent-taught instruction for the next part, but lots of moms will have great recs of places they’ve used.

Many Teens are parent taught and then schedule a driver’s license drive test at a Driving School. It is easier than dealing with trying to schedule a test at the DPS, which is harder to find especially at the last minute.


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