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Discounted Pogo Pass Membership in Dallas Fort-Worth!

Get the Discounted Membership for Entertainment

For less than $50 per person, you get free entrance to Fort Worth Zoo, Hawaiian Waters, Trampoline Parks and so much more.

What is a Pogo Pass?

With a Pogo Pass, in the Dallas & Fort Worth area, you can get a great deal on affordable Family Fun and things to do for everyone.

The Pogo Pass is also valid in cities such as Chicago, Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Phoenix, and Pogo Pass AZ.

They even have one for Pogo Pass Las Vegas and recently launched the Pogo Pass Chicago, Il membership giving you tons of ideas for family entertainment and family fun.

Some of the 21 Entertainment Venues you can get into for free!

This post may contain Affiliate Links. Our Full Disclosure is available.

Visiting Austin or San Antonio soon?

You can also save big by purchasing your passes and accessing all these attractions giving you so many things to do.

Just download the app to your phone and use it straight away.

Pogo Pass Summer 2023

What if you could gain free access and save on ALL of the following attractions with one membership giving you so many things to do?

  • Fort Worth Zoo
  • Hawaiian Falls Waterpark
  • Frisco Rough Rider games
  • The Cove at Lakefront
  • Fury Fun Center in Frisco
  • …and 18 other popular attractions over the course of one year? 

Continue reading for the Plano Moms Discount Code at the end of this page. 

Pogo Pass entertainment membership and things to do

One easy Membership Pass. One Year. One Price. Endless Memories!

Plano Moms encourages you and the family to get out & have some fun as a family and explore a city near you. Available in Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, Kansas City, Chicago, MO/KS, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX and San Antonio Texas…with more cities to come!

The Pogo Pass Membership gets you in for FREE to the best places around, with over $1000 in value on each Pogo Pass with tons of things to do.

Do you ask yourself about kids party places near me? 

Go to just a couple of attractions and your pass will pay for itself… The rest is extra value!

That’s why the Pogo Pass is the pass for you and your family…ONE YEAR OF FUN for ONE LOW PRICE! 

How do I save and redeem my Pogo Pass? 

Watch our video below and learn how you will save money and enjoy all of the attractions, simultaneously! Available in a number of cities or in Plano, Texas too!

Some of these places can get expensive. For example, consider the Pogo Pass Phoenix for the Phoenix Zoo or the Pogo Pass for the Fort Worth Zoo.

Coupons are difficult to find. Well, look no further, with the Pogo Pass you don’t need coupons to these two great zoos!

You can enjoy tons of entertainment venues that Pogo Pass membership has to offer for family fun, children of all ages, and parents too (with the Standard Pass)!

How does the Discounted Pogo Pass Membership pay for itself?

Consider that each pass can be bought for $49.98 – if your kids are over the age of 2, most places charge admission at that point. 

One of the deals is access to two Frisco Roughriders games per year with each pass.  I signed up for two recent games and was expecting them to give us the cheap general admission tickets where you have to sit on the grass in the outfield.  WRONG. 

For both games, we were given the most expensive tickets, the face value of $20.56 each. 

So, each pass costs $49.98 and you get admission to two Riders Games for each pass you buy (a value of $41.12).  Immediately, the pass has paid for itself.

I then visited Hawaiian Waters in The Colony with my family. 

Regular prices are $29.99 for adults and $20.99 for kids (under 48″).  With the Pogo Pass, we got in without paying anything extra. 

With two baseball games and one Hawaiian Falls water park visit, I’ve already received $70.11 in value for 2 adult passes and $62.11 for my son’s (his water park admission would have been a little cheaper). 

As you can see, the value I already got was well over the $49.98 cost of the pass, and I had not even scratched the surface of what Pogo Pass offers for a year and the number of things to do.

Hawaiian Falls DFW Membership

How much does the Pogo Pass cost?

The Pogo Pass membership makes tons of fun possible for everyone and is the latest promotion for families to save big on entertainment.

This PASS offers more options and more value, with access to 21 different locations including the Fort Worth Zoo and the Hawaiian Falls Waterpark. We have a 20% discount on it for you!

That’s right, instead of the usual tag price of $99.98, enter promo code: PLANOMOMS at to receive each pass for only $49.98!

Fort Worth Zoo

That’s a steal for one year of free admission to so many places!

  • Valid for a 12 month period from date of purchase.
  • The pass is individualized for the pass holder with no expiration. It is non-transferable.
  • Pogo Pass available in Austin/Waco, Dallas Fort Worth, and San Antonio. One pass needed per city. See website for varying venues.
  • See website for details on specific cities at the top.
  • Available immediately after purchase. Print instantly, or access via smartphone.

Pogo Pass 20% off with Discount Code = PLANOMOMS

Have fun around Dallas Fort Worth and set yourselves up for a cheap, cheap price but loads of fun!

This PROMO Code works for Dallas Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin/Waco, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. Discount Code:  PLANOMOMS or this link.

For the Standard Pass, Pay only $49.98 for passes in all areas. That’s the lowest price out there. If you buy direct, the full price is $99.98. 

Why the Pogo Pass is a must for your family

Get into all the venues listed below, for 365 days.  You can go to some more than once! Many of them include Sports Games.

You need one per person.  You can use them as soon as they’re purchased, by printing the pass or showing it on your mobile.

Pogo Pass Hawaiian Falls Water Park, Plano, Garland The Colony

Perfect for Lots of Family Fun!

The Pogo Pass program in Texas, including Dallas Fort Worth and other cities,  works by giving you ONE price for all the spectacular adventures listed below. If you have a Pogo Pass you get into each of these events FREE of charge.

If you pay for each attraction on a separate basis it would cost you much more – some have to get multiple visits in order to see everything possible on any given day.

As you can see with only ONE Visit to each location you would Save OVER $200.00 and many have MORE than one visit!!!

Save Over $200 Dollars!

  • Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park – $10 Adults, $5 Children (3-11)
  • Hapik Climbing – $19.90
  • Sci-Tech Discovery Center – $10 (3-24)
  • Hawaiian Falls Waterparks – $29.99 Adults and $20.99 Children
  • Frisco RoughRiders $26.00
  • Fort Worth Zoo – $18.00 Adults and $14.00 Kids
  • The Cove at Lakefront – $14.00 for 15+, $11 for age 2-14
  • Kid Mania – $8.99 Kids (3-18 years) and $1.00 for companion adults, $3.99 age 1-2
  • Pump It Up of Frisco – $10.00
  • Texas Legends $15.00+ for Home Games
  • Dallas Wings $18.00 Seating
  • National Videogame Museum – $12.00 Adult and $10.00 Kids
  • Children’s Health Star Center – $10.00 Adult age 4+
  • Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park – $10.00 Adult and $6.00 Kids
  • iT’Z Family $30 – split between 6 visits
  • Sidekicks Dallas – $22
  • International Bowling Museum – $9.50
  • SeaQuest – Child: $10.99 Adult: $16.99
  • Fat Cats – 4-12: $7 adult: $9
  • Sky Zone – $13.99
  • Monster Mini Golf: Kids $10 Adult $12
  • …and more Coming Every Day!!!

Optional Gift Card

If you prefer, you can use the “gift card” option to buy them now and activate them later. Please inquire with Plano Moms for more information about Pogo Pass Gift Cards. 

One of the best things about the pass is that once you’ve paid for your membership, therefore, you need to get or purchase only one visit to the Fort Worth Zoo and Hawaiian Falls (with locations in Garland and The Colony) to cover the normal gate price with money left over!

They can take payments at any time no matter the amount of people. It is completely advantageous to consider buying tickets in advance.

To purchase:  Go to the Pogo Pass website and hit the big blue button (That link gets you the $49.98 rate. 

If not, use the code PLANOMOMS.

** Each person needs to get one unless they’re 2 or younger.  Most places won’t charge admission and it’s not worth buying them one.  If you have a three-year-old, check the venues you will use and see what their policy is for three-year-olds.  Unless you’re not bringing them to most venues, you’ll want one for them.

For Big Savings on the Pogo Pass in Dallas Fort Worth or for other cities around the USA, please contact Plano Moms today!

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