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10 of the Best Martial Arts Schools around Plano, TX

Many Moms choose for their Kids to learn Martial Arts for exercise, discipline, and self-defense. Some families have both a parent and a child practicing Martial Arts together. It’s also really popular in the Plano area and we have a few choices of Martial Arts Schools.

We share the benefits of Martial Arts, and the costs involved, and help you with what to consider when choosing out of the available Martial Arts Schools in the Plano area, for your family.

Plano Mom, Michele has her son in Martial Arts and he practices alongside his dad. She shares her insight with us!

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Martial Arts Schools Plano TX

Photo credit: Freedom Martial Arts Of Plano 

What are the Benefits of Practicing Martial Arts?

There are many levels of Martial Arts you can take. 

Your child could do classes a few times a week to learn the art or if your child wants to compete they can learn to competitively spar by joining tournaments or a competitive team.

Many studios offer special programs (at an additional cost) which become their competitive team in a sense. For example, Impact Martial Arts does a special invite once a year to what they call their Elite Team. This is a group of about 20 students who are handpicked to go through special additional training.  They then compete in several tournaments throughout the year.

You may want your child to practice Martial Arts to provide them with an athletic outlet to build strength and keep them moving, but also teach them self-control, discipline, and focus. It also helps them build their self-confidence and resilience too!

If your child doesn’t love traditional team sports, this would be a great alternative.

Martial Arts Schools
Photo Credit: Top Kick Martial Arts Plano

How much does it cost?

Michele has found that the cost of most Martial Arts places was in the same ballpark.  Most have an “introductory price.”  

For example, Impact America Martial Arts has one that is $19 for a free uniform, white belt, and 6 classes. About 3 weeks of classes are for free. This is just enough for your child to know if this is something they like and would like to continue with. 

Then you will go into a monthly rate which usually will include classes anywhere between 2-4 times per week.  There is a separate charge for Belt Testing and Equipment like Sparring Gear.  In many cases, as you go up in the belt, the monthly fee does go up as well as the belt testing fee.

Video Credit: Premier Martial Arts, Plano TX

How do I pick from the best Martial Arts Schools in the area?

Look at the experience and background of the teachers but also what their goals are for the children. 

Ask them if they include curriculum and processes to specifically build confidence, discipline, focus as well as skill?  How many times a week can they go to practice? Read reviews!

The ones we list below are recommended by local families.

Which are the best Martial Arts Schools in the Plano area?

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