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Your Pregnancy Guide: the Best Hospitals, Birth Centers & Obygn Plano offers!


I’m Pregnant, I need an Obgyn in Plano

Whether you are expecting your first or next baby(ies), we wanted to help you prepare yourself, your body, and your family for what you may need before the baby arrives.

It may be surprising to learn that there is so much to do in preparation for such a tiny person. 

Nine months might seem a long time for the uninitiated, but one quickly realizes there is so much to get done, and time is short. Fear not, however, we’ve got you covered. We are here to give you some great Plano and North Dallas resources that can help you get ready for your baby.

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Pregnancy, OBGYN in Collin County

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Maternity & Prenatal Care

Maternity and prenatal care is an essential part of keeping yourself and your baby healthy during pregnancy. Medical personnel are there to help you monitor the development of your baby and prevent any complications.

Here are a few places around Plano and neighboring cities where you get amazing maternity and prenatal care:

Medical City of Plano

Address: 3901 W 15th St, Plano, TX 75075

Phone: (972) 596-6800

Associated Women’s Healthcare

Address: 1600 Coit Road Suite 402 Plano, Texas 75075

Phone: (972) 612-8829

Fax: (972) 612-2875

Texas Health Presbyterian Plano

Address: 6200 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093

Phone: (972) 981-8000

Women’s Health Associates of Richardson

Address: 2821 E President George Bush Hwy #400, Richardson, TX 75082

Phone: (972) 231-9144

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center

Address: 690 W Campbell Rd #150, Richardson, TX 75080

Phone: (972) 386-4015

Medical City Frisco

Address: 5500 Frisco Square Blvd Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: (214) 618-0500

Pregnancy yoga
Photo Credit: Move Studio Yoga, North Dallas

Which are the best Pregnancy Workout Classes?

Of course, we understand if doing any workout routine may not be your priority during pregnancy because your hormones are there to make you crave burgers or pizza and take a good nap.

However, it is beneficial for you and your baby, and your doctor may ask you to get some workout done.

Here are some places that offer prenatal workout classes around the Plano area

Medical City of Plano

Address: 3901 W 15th St, Plano, TX 75075

Phone: (972) 596-6800

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano

Address: 6200 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093

Phone: 1-877-847-9355

Move Studio

Address: 17062 Preston Rd #108, Dallas, TX 75248

Phone: (972) 732-0206

North Texas Yoga

Address: 104 1/2 N Tennessee St, McKinney, TX 75069

Phone: (214) 471-5920

Bami Yoga

Areas served include Frisco, Plano, Prosper, The Colony, and McKinney. 

Phone: (972) 998-9642

Maternity Plano Texas

Who are the best OBGYN doctors in Plano?

Getting the right obstetrician-gynecologist, you are most comfortable working with always makes the pregnancy experience better. You can start your search by asking friends, family, and your doctor for any recommendations. 

These Local Moms recommend their Obgyns:

Dr. Gwen Webster, MD

Jennifer Rutherford – Dr Webster was my OB and I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

Dr. Yu Lee, MD

Morgan Coffey – I love Dr Yu Lee at Plano Healthcare for Women. I recently had a healthy high risk pregnancy after 3 losses, one the second trimester. She is thorough and understanding.

Dr. Julie DaVolio, MD

Brittany Stokes – Dr.Julie Davolio from Plano Women’s Healthcare is amazing. We used her for both our pregnancies. Highly recommend her.

Stephanie Donmoyer – I used her for my first and I’m using her for my pregnancy now. I’ve been a patient of hers for 13 years. I’m 33 weeks now. She is absolutely amazing.

Craig Ranch OBGYN

Lana Elizabeth – I love them so much! They helped me with my hormones imbalances & helped me get on track to get pregnant after I got sick & couldnt conceive then took care of me thru the whole pregnancy & etc.

Dr Arlene Jacobs

Terri Waltrip Kropp – I have gone to Dr Jacobs for years and now all 3 of my daughters go to her. I trust her with my life and the life of my daughters.

Dr. David Baghdassarian, MD

Allie Vasquez – I’ve had 3 babies and 1 miscarriage. Women’s Specialists of Plano (Dr. Bagdassarian) is the best. They’ve bent over backwards for me. They’ve held my kids while I see my doctor, they always want know make sure we’re okay, they legit care about everyone. And Rachel, the OB coordinator is amazing.

Rose Bitters-Powell – A thousand times yes to Dr. Baghdassarian!!! The facility has the sweetest people ever and will jump hoops for you. I’ve been with them for almost 4 years now and delivered my last with Dr. Desi.

Dr. David W.I. Fong, MD

Jaklyn Huffman – Dr. Fong was amazing. He was very caring, and gentle, and his staff was wonderful!

Dr. Leslie S. Welborne, MD

Jeanie Walbridge – Dr Leslie Welborne was amazing for us! I had preeclampsia and our baby girl was in the NIQU and Dr Welborne was supportive and informative. She is at Baylor Frisco.

Dr. Keith J. Reisler, MD

Nina Biglari Omid – Dr Keith Reisler! He’s an innovator in the field, super knowledgeable, and amazing staff! I’d recommend him to everyone.

Dr. Darrell Robins

Sheila Cline – Love Dr. Robins! He delivered both my babies and my two nieces. Wouldn’t ever go to anyone else.

Dr. Garrett H. Garner, MD

Jennifer Pegram – I just had my son in October, and Dr. Garner was my doctor. He is the best, hands down. He’s funny and warm and he knows what he’s doing. His nurse is also great!

Which is the best Hospital to deliver a Baby?

Medical City Plano

“great nurses, private rooms and it looks very clean and updated”

“The NICU is highly recommended and they have NICU cameras to be able to watch your baby when you’re not at the hospital”

“Suites are available as an upgrade”

Texas Health Plano (Presbyterian Hospital of Plano)

“Great staff and very clean.

Presbyterian Plano is the only level 4 NICU in the North Dallas area. They will take wonderful care of you and your baby” 

Texas Health Frisco

Check out Texas Health Frisco. Two room suites at no additional charge, new facility with upscale hotel feel. NICU and OB ED too. all MB rooms are suites at no additional charge. Sliding doors can separate guest area from pt room. Fold down couch, separate TV for guest

Baylor Frisco

More like a hotel. The food options and quality are great! 

Medical City Dallas

I had the best experience there with both my kids. They also have the best neonatal facility in Dallas.

Medical City Plano

“Medical City Plano hands down! Best experience ever! They have suites you can pay for which are awesome and come with super amazing food! Definitely made delivery an amazing experience”

Birth Methods

Choosing which birth method is right for you can be a hard task. Although there are only two basic birth methods, vagina delivery, and surgical delivery by cesarean section, there are different delivery practices. The ultimate goal of both delivery methods is to give birth to a healthy baby safely. 

  • Vaginal delivery is a prevalent birth method. Sometimes, though, the mother needs a bit of assistance. It is called Assisted Vaginal Delivery, which includes different types – e.g., induced labor, forceps extractions, etc.
  • Surgical delivery by C-section is mostly planned birth for different medical reasons; in most cases, it is because a vaginal delivery is too risky for both Mom and baby. Sometimes though, it is not scheduled, the doctor may change plans to a C- section during a vaginal delivery when problems or complications arise.

Alternative Birth Locations

Alternative birthing centers gaining its popularity in the past years, where they offer natural delivery and highly personal care, often in a setting that feels like home.

So, how do you decide which is a better fit for you, whether a hospital or a birth center?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Check with your healthcare provider if he or she can only practice at a particular hospital or birth center.
  • Check with your health insurance provider about your coverage. Most often, insurance companies cover accredited hospitals and birth centers.
  • There are risk factors that limit you to delivery in a birth center, like having multiple babies, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and breech-positioned babies.
  • Epidural is not an option at the birth center.
  • Check if you have a low or high-risk pregnancy.
Plano Birthplace Midwife and Birthing Center
Photo Credit: Plano Birthplace

Where are the Best Birth Centers around Plano?

Most birth centers are like hospitals but feel more like home. It is a healthcare facility, staffed with OB/GYN, nurses, and midwives, and it emphasizes personal attention and care, which may include a more extended prenatal visit and continuous support all through labor and beyond. You get prenatal care, a place to give birth, and a place to go for your postpartum checkups. They often offer childbirth education and breastfeeding classes, and most of them offer a backup hospital nearby and a doctor on call in case of an emergency.

Each birth center is different, so you may want to visit some of them to make sure it has the amenities you need/want.

Here are few birth centers nearby:

Plano Birthplace

Address: 5172 Village Creek Dr Suite #101, Plano, TX 75093

Phone: (469) 912-0727

Allen Birthing Center

Address: 406 W Main St, Allen, TX 75013

Phone: (214) 495-9911

Lover’s Lane Birth Center

Address: 304 S Cottonwood Dr, Richardson, TX 75080

Phone: (214) 366-3579

Bella Births Center for Birth & Women’s Health

Address: 2417 Virginia Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75071

Phone: (972) 542-0349

Frisco Birth Center

Address: 7258 Elm St, Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: (469) 643-9433

Breastfeeding Support around Plano

Now that the baby has arrived, another of the challenges arrives as well. The most common concern new moms face is breastfeeding. A struggle with breastfeeding tends to be a surprise to many. Most new moms are not prepared for common breastfeeding problems (like delayed milk production or low milk supply, painful latch, and breast engorgement) until it happens.

However, don’t fret because there are a lot of breastfeeding support groups that offer help to all who want to breastfeed.

La Leche League of Texas

La Leche League of Texas Leaders operate Groups in communities across the state. Most Groups hold monthly meetings where Leaders facilitate informal, guided discussions. During these discussions, parents have access to accurate, up-to-date, and personalized breastfeeding information and support for their role as breastfeeding parent. In addition, parents can draw on the experience of others who attend.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center

For one-on-one assistance with one of their lactation consultants, please call 214-407-5535 to schedule an outpatient visit.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano

Address: 6200 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093

Phone: (972) 981-8000

The Breastfeeding Support Groups are led by a facilitator who serves as a resource to the new moms to help them reach their breastfeeding goals.

Baby, Birth and You

Address: 3632 Pinehurst Ct, Plano, TX 75075

Phone: (972) 985-882

Little Lilacs

They can meet you wherever is comfortable, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

(817) 381-0377 (you can text us too)

Origins Birth

Address: 3100 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: (469) 291-9129


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