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PSA vs PYSA, Which to Choose?

Plano has lots to choose from when your kids are wanting/ready to play sports. What can be confusing is deciding between the 2 big leagues; PSA and PYSA.

They are pretty similar in some aspects and different in others. So, which to choose? PYSA or PSA?

We’ve got all the Mom advice below on the 2 to help you make the best decision for your family.


PSA vs PYSA, Which One to Choose?

PSA Plano

(Includes basketball, volleyball, martial arts, soccer, dance, rugby, track, wrestling, golf, cheer, softball, and preschool!)

“Rec to Select”


  • Includes indoor and outdoor sports and activities
  • 4  Big Locations: PSA1, PSA2, PSA Murphy, PSA McKinney
  • Games should be in Plano mostly.
  • Includes summer leagues for sports
  • Includes competitive or club teams for older kids
  • Many camps are offered during the summer
  • Offers indoor for beginner PreK 3’s and 4’s


  • Can be more competitive (just my opinion!)
  • More Leagues and more kids
  • Schedules can be released late
  • Birth Year Teams (meaning your kids could be in the same grade level as a friend but on a different team)

PYSA Plano

Plano Youth Soccer Association (Soccer only)


  • A good place to start for beginners
  • They try to get you on teams close to where you live.
  • Only takes place in Fall/Spring Season


  • Games can be played all over the area including Richardson, Wylie, and Murphy.
  • The schedule usually gets released last minute (personal experience!)
  • Since the league is smaller you might play some of the same teams 3X in the same season.

Tell us about your experiences with PSA and PYSA! Which would you recommend?

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