Where can I go for Music Lessons for Kids?

I need a Top Rated and Recommended Instructor. Where do I find one?

You can start Kids with Instrument lessons with teachers at any age, from very young to starting at Middle School, or even higher. We have all seen those young proteges who wow us with their talent. Many started at a young age and have been consistently practicing and learning for months and years.

Research shows there is also a link between learning to play an instrument and the development of parts of the brain for kids too!

My daughter Lucy has been learning Piano for nearly 3 years and my son has been learning Guitar for 2 years and now Saxophone at Middle School. Personally I see huge benefits in nurturing their love of playing music.

There are a number of options for you to look at when choosing a teacher. Meet them and learn about their personality, experience, approach and qualifications. Learn as much as you can about their teaching style. Spot the signs if it appears that a child isn’t ready to learn to play an instrument. Or, learning to play an instrument becomes a chore for parents who are having to repeatedly encourage their child to practice.

Check their fees to ensure they are within your budget. Check if they need their own instrument at home and how much practice they expect between lessons.

The most popular instruments are

  • Piano (Jayne Dahl, Williamson Music 1st, 4/4 Music School, Center for Musical Minds, Child Play Music, Certain Music)
  • Guitar (Center for Musical Minds, Child Play Music, 4/4 Music School)
  • Drums (4/4 Music School, Rob Tovar)
  • Violin/Strings (Williamson Music 1st, Certain Music, 4/4 Music School)
  • Singing and Voice (4/4 Music School)
  • Band Instruments - Clarinet, Trumpet, Flute, Saxophone and Tuba 

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Jayne has more than 33 years of experience in education and music.

In addition to teaching piano, she also teaches flute and other brass and woodwind instruments.She has a proven formula that sparks a student’s desire to learn and to perform well. Your child will begin to love and understand music.

Plano Piano teacher students

Based in Plano, they specialize in Music Lessons for Children aged 5-12. Music Instruction made so fun and easy it's Child's Play!

Developed in 2004 by owner, Joel Pipkin, they teach a unique curriculum which is a comprehensive music education - covering many genres of music.

Child Play Music School’s Special offer for Plano Moms: 

Get a FREE guitar ($140) when you enroll in guitar lessons or Get a FREE keyboard ($160) when you enroll in piano lessons.

Email them and mention “Plano Moms Offer” to find out more *conditions apply

Child Play Music School

Rob is a professional drummer, and educator with 30 plus years of performance experience, and has been teaching in Plano for 19 years, a PISD graduate himself. A Vic Firth endorsed educator, a member of Percussive Arts Society, and of the Texas Music Educators Association. He offers private lessons to students of all ages, and skill levels. He teaches many percussion instruments, and a wide range of music styles.

Drum Lessons are offered daily starting at 2:00pm with retired adults and homeschooled children and continuing into the evening. His teaching studio is conveniently located in central Plano. The drum studio itself is spacious with over 400 acoustically treated square feet. The size and treatments keep lessons at safe volume levels. It's equipped with multiple drum sets, concert, and marching school percussion instruments, hand drums, marimba, PA system for play alongs, an extensive book and multimedia library. 

More information available at his website or call/text 469-688-6315. 

Exclusive Offer for Plano Moms: No registration fees. Mention Plano Moms when you call, text or email to receive an exclusive offer.

The Centre for Musical Minds offers lessons in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Songwriting, Bass and Violin to ALL ages and stages of students!

Internationally recognized and locally respected, they have options for everyone wanting to start, or continue on their musical journey's.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram

Dr. Rand Certain is the Director of Private Lessons Studio at Williamson Music 1st and principal owner of Certain Music.

He has played both instruments 53 years & has taught/owned a Private Music Studio/Practice- 25+ years Violin,Piano,Music Theory & Conducting. He starts Violin and Piano Students as young as 3 years of age, (which most private teachers will not do).

He specializes in teaching Violin Students to learn to play in a String Ensemble and group environment before they arrive at 6 grade orchestra year.

Piano Students are also taught, after learning a proficiency level of Classical Piano technique, they are taught how to accompany their fellow Violin Students in Performing together in Student Recitals. All Violin & Piano Students are taught to actually read Music and learn Music Theory, instrument specific and General Music Theory. He teaches a love, patience and appreciation for Music to individual students.

Exclusive Offer for Plano Moms: For your first month at Williamson Music 1st, the cost is $70 for the lessons, plus the rental which can run from $16 on student violin/viola, to $40-60 on a keyboard (yes, we have keyboards to rent also)!

And another Exclusive Offer: Dr Certain is offering his Introductory Lesson for FREE, for New Students. You can get more information here and call him: (469) 671-6078

500+ five star reviews from our students and parents tell their stories of success, excitement, perseverance, creativity, focus, dedication and so much more!

4/4 School of Music teachers offer Guitar lessons, Piano lessons, Singing & Voice lessons, Drum lessons, Violin lessons and more!

Call us! (972) 372-0721

Special Offer: Mention PlanoMoms918 and get FREE registration! A $40 Savings.

(New students only, valid at 4/4 School of Music locations in Plano, McKinney or Little Elm!, Expires 1-1-2019)

  • Beginners welcome!
  • Enthusiastic teachers make learning fun
  • Month to month - No contracts!
  • 11 neighborhood music school locations 
  • You choose the songs you want to learn! All Styles (rock, classical, country, blues, R&B, more)
  • Two optional student concerts (recitals) each year
  • FREE Music Lesson Book (26 weeks of progress!)
  • FREE Wi-fi at most locations
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • 24-hour self-serve rescheduling
  • Family owned and operated
  • Family discount - Save money on multiple classes
  • Amazing customer service
  • Thousands of happy students
4|4 Music School

Here is a more General List of Recommended Music Teachers

For Piano, use this resource​​​ for Plano based Piano Teachers

  • Piano by Sue. 918-448-4242
  • Sheila Dyer-Trigg 469-734-6284
  • Kathryn Rice in Allen. -  catbiskit@yahoo.com
  • Plano Parks and Recreation
  • Texas Music Lab
  • North Texas Performing Arts
  • School of Rock

For Guitar, check out:

  • Nadines Music Manor
  • Texas Music Lab
  • North Texas Performing Arts
  • School of Rock

For Drums:

  • Texas Music Lab
  • Nadines Music Manor
  • School of Rock

And all other Instruments

  • Texas Music Lab
  • Nadines Music Manor

Do you use any of our local Music Instrument Teachers or Learning Centers? Let us know who you love and why!

Check our Directory for more Music Teachers and Schools


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