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16+ Music Lessons near me with the Best Teachers & Schools

I need a top-rated and Recommended Music Instructor. Where do I find one?

If you are looking for Music Lessons near me, you can start Kids with Instrument lessons with teachers at any age, from very young to starting at Middle School, or even higher.

Look no further! We have chosen more than 16+ Local Music Teachers and Schools for lessons to save you doing the research.

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What do I need to consider when choosing an instructor?

Popular classes are Piano, Violin, and Drums and teachers provide lessons for all of those around Plano Texas. Many kids start (including mine who have been learning Guitar and Piano) from a young age and have been consistently practicing and learning for months and years.

Research shows there is also a link between learning to play an instrument and the development of parts of the brain for kids too!

There are a number of options for you to look at when choosing a teacher. Meet them and learn about their personality, experience, approach, and qualifications.

music lessons near me

Our Top Tips for choosing the best School or Teacher

We tend to ask our friends and other parents for the teachers that they use and like for private lessons!

Learn as much as you can about their teaching style and make sure it works with your child and how thye want to learn music.

Spot the signs if it appears that a child isn’t ready to learn to play an instrument, or to play music, or if learning to play an instrument becomes a chore for parents who have to repeatedly encourage their child to practice.

There should be some type of “love for learning the instrument” before you put any time or financial investment into it.

Before you book any Plano music lessons near me, check their fees to ensure they are within your budget.

Check if they need their own instrument at home and how much practice they expect between lessons.

Music lessons near me

We often hear from local parents that they are looking for a teacher who will come and teach in their home. If you have the instrument at home, that can work well if they have the flexibility to travel to you. You should definitely ask!

However in some cases, like teachers who provide piano lessons, we have found based on our research, that many teachers prefer to teach using their own piano at their home or at a venue they choose, as they can trust that the Piano is fully tuned and serviced so the notes sound the way they should.

If you are a Mom of a new drummer, you may want to go to another venue for drum lessons, purely to avoid the noise in your own home!

One of the benefits of receiving a music education from a young age is that even having some music theory really switches on parts of the brain that are more receptive to understanding math concepts, so it’s a win-win all round.

The most popular instruments for Music Lessons near me, are

  • Piano (Jayne Dahl, Frisco School of Music & Performing Arts, Music Institute of North Texas)
  • Guitar (Frisco School of Music & Performing Arts, Music Institute of North Texas)
  • Drums (Frisco School of Music & Performing Arts, Music Institute of North Texas)
  • Violin/Strings (Frisco School of Music & Performing Arts, Music Institute of North Texas)
  • Singing and Voice (Frisco School of Music & Performing Arts, Music Institute of North Texas)
  • Band Instruments – Clarinet, Trumpet, Flute, Saxophone and Tuba 

The Best Schools and Teachers for Music Lessons Near Me

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7 Notes – Yamaha Music School


We offer a wide variety of classes in progressive levels, from classrooms settings for young children to private lessons for kids and adults. Their programs are about delivering research-based curriculum that gets REAL results.

Chontos Drum Lessons

Age Range Served
5 - 100

Whether you want to learn new techniques, play with a band, work on your speed and independence, or simply just have fun playing the drums, we’ll build a lesson plan tailored to meet your specific goals. We offer weekly, half hour lessons in a private studio in East Plano.

Concert Pianist-Music Teacher

I´m a professional pianist and music teacher. I teach piano violin flute and guitar! Contact me for more information or to set up private lessons!

Drum Lessons by Rob Tovar

Learn to play the drums with a seriously fun curriculum customized to help you reach your goals.

Edelweiss School of Music in Plano TX

Age Range Served
4 - 75

Edelweiss School of Music is one of the most recommended music schools in Plano. The school offers high quality music instruction and performance opportunities for all ages and levels.

Jayne Dahl - Piano Teacher in Plano


Jayne has more than 40 years of experience in education and music. In addition to teaching piano, she also teaches flute and other brass and woodwind instruments.  Because of a proven formula that sparks a student’s desire to learn and to perform well.

LaLa Lessons - Music Classes


LaLa lessons teaches immersive music and movement classes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and the grownups who love them.® We use Music Together®’s award winning, international music education program to provide an excellent music foundation for your children ages 0-5.

Morgan Kiser-Violin Lessons

Age Range Served
3 - 20

Violin teacher offering lessons for kids of all ages and skill levels out of my home near Plano. I am an accomplished performer and compassionate teacher who can work with each student as an individual to achieve their best musical and artistic potential.

Music Institute of North Texas-Exceptional Music Lessons


Exceptional music lessons for all ages and levels. Our university-trained teachers offer both in-person and virtual lessons.

Music Together Dallas

Age Range Served
0 - 5

Dynamic music and movement classes for children ages 0-5 and the grownups who love them! Indoor and outdoor classes available all week long in Allen, Carrollton, Dallas, Plano, and Richardson.

Plano Piano Studio


Attention to all aspiring piano enthusiasts – Piano Enrollment in the Dallas Area!
Age: From 4 years old to no upper limit.
Skill Level: Whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming for an undergraduate level.

PLAY CELLO! Pamela Washburn Cello Studio

Age Range Served
9 - 26

I teach one to one in person Cello Lessons to all levels of advancement, with an eye to developing Expanded Creativity, Teamwork Skills, and Concentration. My Studio is just south of west Plano.

Prime Music Institute- Music Lessons

Age Range Served
5 - 90

Our mission is to help all students develop their musical talent to the maximum.
PMI is the first and the only All-Steinway-Designed private music school in Texas.

Rockstars of Tomorrow Music Academy Frisco

Age Range Served
4 - 100

Music Academy offering lessons, camps, performance programs, recording, artist and band development plus rentable in-studio stage.

School of Rock


School of Rock Plano has the best combination of instructors, instruments, and captivating programs to get your student strumming, drumming, playing, or singing their way to rockstar status.

Violin/Viola lessons

Violin teacher with multiple years of experience. Graduate of the Yale University and the Guildhall School.

Virtual Academy of Music-Music Lessons

Age Range Served
0 - 92

We offer live, virtual music lessons for ages 5 and up. Adults are welcomed too! We teach Piano, Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Voice, & Bass lessons from from the comfort of your home!

Williamson Music 1st


Our goal is to help find the spark so that students become self-motivated.  To that end we regularly offer free or low cost masterclasses with nationally recognized musicians.

Plano Piano teacher students

Here is a more General List of Recommended Music Teachers

Many of these teachers will cover all skill levels, and teach adults too, so you can learn alongside your children.

For Piano, use this resource​​​ for Plano Piano Teachers for private music lessons

For Guitar, check out:

  • Nadines Music Manor
  • Texas Music Lab
  • North Texas Performing Arts
  • School of Rock

For Drums:

  • Texas Music Lab
  • Nadines Music Manor
  • School of Rock

And all other Instruments

  • Texas Music Lab
  • Nadines Music Manor
4|4 Music School

Do you use any of our local Music Instrument Teachers or Learning Centers? Are you looking for voice lessons? Let us know who you love and why!


Carol Carter

Saturday 7th of August 2021

Please consider adding Rock Out Loud ( in your list! They are one of the best music schools for kids in the NJ.