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Don’t sleep on these unmissable tips for the 2024 Texas Tulips Season!

When, where to go, and tips to get the most out of your visit

Why you should visit “Texas Tulips” at Pilot Point, Texas

It’s a You-Pick Farm for beautiful Tulips in North Texas, and also an excellent spot for Photographs, like the tried and trued Bluebonnets that we love to spot!

They are the largest tulip farm in the Lone Star State of Texas, and have a beautiful tulip field of 6 acres where you can pick your own tulips to create your own tulip bouquet.

It’s unusual to have such a large tulip farm in Texas, as usually they’re found more often in the northwest, but this one is an hour north of the DFW area.

Petra and Pieter Koeman own the Texas Tulips farm and inspired by the TV series “Dallas” they migrated to the Dallas area in 2015, a Dutch family from the Netherlands.

Pieter grew up working on his parents’ tulip farm in Holland.

Texas Tulips
Photo Credit: Kelley Thomas

Grab a beautiful basket, and start picking your own Tulips to take home. Don’t worry: their staff will teach you the best way to pick the tulips!

You can pick tulips from thousands of them in exuberant different colors. They’ll be packed in pretty paper!

Texas Tulips Pilot Point

Where is the Tulip field?

It’s located at: 10656 FM 2931, Pilot Point, Texas 76258

Opening Hours – Texas Tulips, North Texas

They’re open daily to pick flowers seven days a week from 10 am to 8 pm, opening mid-February with the best blooming season starting early in March.

We expect the season to end at the end of March, with a possibility of the garden being open early in April – (exact date to be confirmed by Texas Tulips)

Texas Tulips near me

When is the best time to plan your trip?

Before you make the trip for photos with the children, we think the ideal sweet spot to see the Tulips at their best is mid March once you’ve allowed a little more time for them to bloom.

Each row of Tulips is labeled by type and will have their bulbs planted at different schedules.

How long is Texas Tulips Season?

In 2022, when we visited, we found the best timing was early to mid March, which allowed for a little more growth. There is only a five-week tulip season, so plan accordingly.

Usually the Texas Tulips farm will alert us on their website and on Social Media as to the status of the tulips.

As the weather gets warmer at the end of March or the beginning of April, the tulips will have gone past their blooming or bloomed prime and the Texas Tulips season will be a wrap.

What are the best time of day and days to visit the Tulip farm?

This is peak Spring season for Texas Tulips and during March, weekdays are the best days to visit. Consider the different times for sunset, so you ensure you get plenty of time for pictures. Remember the local ISD’s have Spring break during March, so expect to see more children mid-week in the second or third week of March.

You’ll see a lot more people at the weekends.

Before you make the trip about an hour north of Dallas, and you get to the end of the season, even in early April, you’ll still be able to see and pick some beautiful blooming tulips stems, as some bulbs were planted later and then bloom later than others.

Tulips near me

Pricing for the Tulip farm

The Entrance fee is $5/person

Free for Babies (12 months and under)

Veterans/Seniors/Field Trips/Large Groups have a discount entrance fee: $7.50/person (includes three tulips) (only during the week on business days)

They accept payment by Visa, Mastercard and cash.

Parking is free.

Professional Photographers can purchase a day pass for a $25 entrance fee. (Looking for more great photo spots in the Plano area?)

To Pick and purchase flowers and Tulips it is $2.50/stem (tulip flowers will be wrapped in pretty paper and stems will be put in flower gel when you check out.). Once you get home, be sure to put them in water, and they’ll be perky again.

Picking baskets are available on the field, for you to borrow for storing your tulips and for great pictures.

Tulips in Texas
Photo Credit: Kelley Thomas

What to bring and wear on your visit to Texas Tulips

No coolers or outside food or drinks are allowed. They have concessions available there with snacks, chips, candy and sodas and picnic tables and benches

Ensure you wear the right type of clothing and footwear for the field – depending on weather conditions. If it has recently rained, be sure to bring some rainboots or footwear that you don’t mind getting muddy.

It’s an isolated patch of land in Pilot Point TX, so there may be windy conditions. It can get very windy there, so be sure to keep your flowers in place in a basket. They have been known to get blown away.

Bring a bag/trash bag with you. Do not leave any litter or trash in the Tulip fields.

Are there bathrooms available at the Tulip field?

Yes, restrooms are available.

Accessibility for Pets and those with Disabilities

Dogs are not allowed (including in the parking lot or left in the car) but if you have a service dog, contact them first.

Wheelchairs are possible when the weather conditions are good and always under guidance of someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Texas Tulips?

You’ll find Texas Tulips about an hour north of Dallas in Pilot Point. Add this address to your GPS: 10656 FM 2931, Pilot Point, TX 76258.
There is also a location in San Antonio.

How much does it cost to pick Texas Tulips?

The usual entrance fee is $5 per adult, $7.50 for veterans, seniors and group rates (and includes 3 stems). Each stem is priced at $2.50 each and is wrapped with flower gel and paper to take home. Children 12 months and under are free. There is no parking fee.

What are the Opening Hours at Texas Tulips?

Opening date is not disclosed yet but we will update you once we have a date. The season is variable but open 7 days a week from 10am to 8pm.

How long will the Texas Tulips season be?

It usually lasts 5 weeks, but is weather dependent. You’ll need to check with Texas Tulips directly, on their website and on Social Media for updates on when the season ends.

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