Where are the Best Places to find Bluebonnets nearby?

Best Bluebonnets in Plano {and Surrounding Areas}

Where are the Best Bluebonnets?

Where are the Bluebonnets?

Spring is here and that means the beautiful bluebonnets are starting to pop up all over town.

We all want that perfect photo of our kids in a field of bluebonnets but sometimes they can be hard to find. 

The Bluebonnet is the State Flower of Texas and is actually purple in color. They were given their name because the shape of the petals resembles the bonnets worn by the pioneer women.  

They have a very short life so once you start to see them, dress up the family and snap your photos, time is limited.

Bluebonnets near me

Here are some of the best places to find Bluebonnets near by

  • JC Penney Headquarters:   Address:  6501 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024                                                                      

Know before you go: This is a high traffic area during the work week. It’s best to go after 5 or on the weekends. Many local photographers also take photos here so know that there will be lots of people around!

(Update: There have been some changes to the land and some of the bluebonnet fields are now gone. You can still go here but there aren’t as many as there usually are!) 

  • Arbor Hills Nature Reserve

Bluebonnet Trail

  • NE intersection of Custer and Spring Creek: (Behind the 7-11) on Bluebonnet Trail. The field behind the 7-11 has had some great patches of bluebonnets for the last several years now.  Know Before You Go: There are power lines in the background. It’s a safe place to park but the area might not be covered in bluebonnets, just some patches here and there.
  • Bike Trail just east of Carpenter Recreation Center

The City of Plano has it’s own Bluebonnet Trail. 

  • Highway 78/Country Club (Near Firewheel)

Baby in the Bluebonnets in Plano TX

  • Panther Creek Area (Zion Cemetary in Frisco) Does get crowded with people and it’s on a hill!
  • Fujitsu Field (George Bush/Renner in Richardson) 
  • Lake Lavon Mallard Park

Two girls in the Bluebonnets

  • Allen- Bethany/Alma (in the median) 

Know Before You Go:These can be great bluebonnets but they are in the median of a very busy road! Please be careful!!

  • Zion Cemetery – Frisco/Little Elm – just off 423, this is such a pretty spot. 


  • Heard Museum – McKinney (there is a charge to enter the Museum)
    • This would be a fun day trip. Every year they have a bluebonnet festival and have been known to have the BEST place to take pictures! This is the official Texas Bluebonnet Trail and is so very pretty. 


Spring Creek/Custer location by the 7-11

As with any bluebonnet area, please be careful as bees are usually very attracted to these flowers. Also, snakes love to burrow in the flower patches so be VERY careful with your little ones! It’s best to pick a spot on the outside of the bluebonnets!

Many people say it is illegal to pick the bluebonnets. It’s not but to let everyone enjoy them, leave them be and try not to stand on them to get that perfect photo. These flowers are native to Texas and have a very light fragrance. 

Teach your kids to leave the area as you found it, so others may enjoy it. 

Why not explore more of Plano? Find out about more about the City.

Kids in the Bluebonnets

Here’s a tip! When my kids were younger I used to bring a stool or chair to sit on. I always had them wear rainboots too so they wouldn’t be too muddy. With boots on, we didn’t have to worry about them stepping on bees 🙂 Also, don’t forget a towel to dry their feet or even use to sit on!

What other places can we add to our list? 


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