Crayola Experience Plano fun coloring place

Our Top tips for the Crayola Experience Plano

Crayola Experience Plano

It’s now open and ready for our kids (and grown-up kids!) to learn & play among 22 interactive exhibits.

The most exciting new Kids’ Play Center – the Crayola Experience Plano is now opened at the Shops at Willow Bend (park in Macy’s car park)

Our top tips for the crayola experience in Plano, TX


The Crayola Experience Plano is huge – 22,000 sq feet of parking lot converted to 3-4 hours of fun for kids aged 2-12.

Party room, interactive demo’s, play structure, science-based activities, crayons, more crayons and animated character shows.

Here are just some of the attraction highlights

  • Adventure Lab (puzzles with tablets!)
  • You Design (interactive virtual studio where you can accessorize your car or fashion design and then pose beside it or try it on virtually)
  • Wrap it up! (personalize and print an authentic Crayola crayon label)
  • Modeling Madness (roll it, blend and mold it for your own color experience)
  • Crayon Factory Show (animated characters show you how crayons are made)
  • Rainbow Rain (magically catch melting digital wax with your body and hands)
  • Be a Star (your coloring page allows you to appear in the photobooth with your favorite characters)
  • Coloring Playground (wiggle up the wax tower or bounce and splat across the paint bridge)


  • Private Theater
  • Girl Scouts Sleepover
  • Corporate events
  • Birthday Party options
  • a Crayola After Dark option (with wine!) for adults!


Kids can enjoy a live manufacturing show to learn how crayons are made and kids can make and “name” their own crayon and choose the color.

Tons of the exhibits are animated and visual. Infants and toddlers will love the bright colors!

The age group they recommend is 2-12, but they cater for Nursing Moms with private feeding areas.

Sensory Days and options are open for those kids who are sensitive to loud noises and additional audio-visual stimulation!

crayola experience plano area


Open 7 days with discounted tickets available for Plano Moms. You can come in and out for the day with the daily pass.

At the door, daily tickets are $20.99 (Annual pass is $30.99 – giving you a 20% discount at the store too and it can be used at other National locations, including Orlando, if you are on vacation).

You can upgrade Families of 4 or more get a discount too.

Top tip:

get a discount, for Plano Moms – save $9 per ticket CLICK here (only $12.99!)


If you save now, you can redeem it at the door if you love it, to an annual pass! 

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Have a colorful day!

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