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Taken from a Local: 3 of the best Kid’s Consignment Sales in the Plano area

Every Mom knows that kids outgrow their clothes so fast.

Sometimes you buy something and before they can even wear it it’s too small! If you Marie Kondo your kids’ closets you can easily fill your black sacks with tons of stuff, (maybe even some with labels!)

One of the best things to do is to pass on gently worn clothes by selling them through a Kid’s Consignment sale.

Doing this can make you a little money or sometimes store credit to purchase newer clothes for your kids.

Not just that, but you can also buy bigger sizes or toys for future seasons as your kids get older.

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What is the best place to shop for baby and children’s clothing?

Consignment Store sale

If you’re in shopping mode and looking to get nearly new kids’ clothing, maternity, toys, or kids’ products, these sales are a must to mark in your calendars.

For new or nearly new purchases, you can also try one of these 36 Consignment Sales and Bargain Stores or our Guide to the Best Baby and Kids Clothes around Plano.

Shop and sell at the Just Between Friends Sale

Location: Net Results Sports Center, 2600 Research Dr, Plano, TX 75074

Timing: They have yearly sales in the Fall and Spring (May and October). Be sure to check online for more information ahead of time.

This is a great place to sell and buy gently worn clothes. They partner with you every step of the way, including tagging your items as you bring them for drop-off at your scheduled time.

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Try out the Divine Consign Sale

Location: Plano Event Center, 2000 E. Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX

The largest and longest-running children’s consignment sale in the Plano area! Sales are 2X a year and also great to buy and sell.

The sales happen in late summer and February (ish) for spring. Check the site for the next sales and sign up to consign and sell your clothes.

They will send you a check after the sale. Our Plano Mom, Shannon has consigned in with them for years and loves it.

If you sign up to volunteer you can get into the sale early and get a discount. A great team of Moms at Divine Consign!

Kids Divine Consign

And the always huge Rhea Lana Sale

Location: 3333 Preston Road, Suite 150, Frisco, TX 75034

This is a newer consignment to the area but growing fast! They usually have a large-scale sale where they focus on “Upscale resale for savvy moms”.

Similar to Divine Consign and Just Between Friends, Rhea Lana usually have their yearly sales in Frisco. Their consignors usually earn 65% – 75% of the purchase price in commission.

Their process for registration, prepping your items for sale, pricing, tagging, and drop-off is like a finely oiled machine at this stage.

You can also get a job during the sale, get a discount, and passes into the sales early!

Explore a Rhea Lana Sale with us

What should I know about selling used clothing, toys or baby products?

  • Selling kid’s clothes will take some work. You should check if they’re good enough quality, including laundering them first to ensure any stains are removed before attempting to sell them.
  • Check for holes in clothing or other faulty features of toys, including missing pieces for any toys you have
  • Create a tub (one for “Fall/Winter” and one for “Spring/Summer”) with your children’s BEST clothing that they no longer wear
  • Start putting aside nursery furniture, changing tables, gliders/rockers, bunk beds, and other children’s furniture are among the most popular items. They also sell 95% of baby equipment and toys such as Jumparoos, high chairs, car seats, strollers, Bumbos, pack-n-plays, play kitchens, tool benches, and outdoor playsets, so don’t limit the items you have at home if they fall within this list
  • When you register to sell, your consignment seller will share their instructions and FAQ with you and help you prepare well for the upcoming sale. Be sure to sign up early so you are not in a rush to prepare.
  • Make sure you check out the rules for the sale and follow them.
  • Be sure to sell the right products at the right season. One of the tips they’ll share is to sell seasonally appropriate clothing
  • Another option is to sell in Facebook group places like Facebook Marketplace or Plano Moms Sell/Swap/Give
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