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Medieval Times Dallas: Unlock the Magic with the Whole Family

Medieval Times Dallas: what you must know before you Go!

It’s dinner and a show with a medieval twist, with some sword fighting and jousting, some owls, and a falcon flying over your head.

The family dinner theater is so popular that we have friends who like to go to Medieval Times Dallas regularly and we’ve taken our friends and our kids three times since we moved to the Dallas area ten years ago!

It’s definitely a bucket list item for any visit to Dallas, TX.

If you’re planning your visit, here’s everything you need to know about visiting the castle.

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Medieval Times Dallas

What is Medieval Times Dallas?

It’s a fun and out-of-the-box experience for big groups traveling together or celebrating an occasion, thanks to a large seating arena and three package options.

You’ll enjoy the English accents of the staff and hear fun phrases like “My Lords and Ladies” who remain in character from start to finish!

The Dallas Castle

Location: 2021 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207

There are only 9 castles around the U.S. and one in Canada. We have a Medieval Times location close to us in Dallas, TX.

Planning Your Visit

Like most places in Dallas, getting there by car is best.

If you’re coming from the spaghetti of highways through Downtown Dallas, be sure to take the right exit and if you’re coming from the Plano area, be sure to take the I-35 and go past the World Trade Centre before taking the turnaround to get to the Castle on the West side of I-35, between Oak Lawn Ave and Market Center Blvd.

You will not miss seeing the castle at Medieval Times Dallas!

There is ample parking right next to the castle, so no walking is necessary. You could do without a stroller if needed.

You may be in a long line to enter (we were both times we have visited), but it goes quickly and splits into two. Neither side is quicker than the other – they will ask you how many people are in a group to help them get you in the most efficient way.

The knight wins medieval times dallas

Getting Tickets for Medieval Times Dallas

You’ll need to choose your date and buy tickets in advance.

$67.95 for ADULTS

$40.95 for KIDS

The General Admission Ticket price includes the show and a 4-course meal, which is comprised of soup, bread, entree and side, dessert, and 2 rounds of their choice of non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is available for purchase. Professional photos are available for you to purchase.

Children under 3 who sit on their parent’s lap and eat off their parent’s plate are free. Regardless of the child’s age, if they have their own seat and meal, the child rate will apply.

You should book for all the guests in your booking together. If they need to be added later, the Medieval Times team can seat you close to your other group.

The general admission tickets are great as well. We opted for the upgrade because we found a promo code for it, but it’s the same food and same arena so the show is just as good.

I have gone both ways and enjoyed each just as much. If you like memorabilia, front-row seats, and skipping the long entrance then the upgrade won’t let you down.

Are there any Discounts Available?

On the Medieval Times Dallas‘ website, they may have a coupon code to use when you book, so be sure to check there.

How long does Medieval Times Dallas last?

Choosing the Right Showtime

If you’re bringing kids with you, there are 2pm and 5pm shows on the weekends and 7pm shows for adults. Each date has different options with adjustments for holidays.

The show is 2 hours. You’ll want to enter at least 30 minutes or up to an hour before the show itself starts.

What is the dress code for Medieval Times?

Dress up in Medieval-type costumes – exactly like the ones you see if you visit the Scarborough Festival every year OR just come as you are. Dress casual! No one will care what you wear.

The Medieval Times Experience

As you arrive, you’ll check in with your group, be assigned your court and color when you check in, you’ll be given a hat and something to wave to cheer on your court.

Then you’ll take your group photo and enter the Main Hall where you can purchase drinks, toys, light up and LED swords and enjoy the opening ceremonies with introductions from the Queen!

Do not get there late or just as the show starts, as you’ll miss this fun pre-show entertainment.

The hall of arms Medieval Times Dallas

The Castle Atmosphere

The Stadium itself is designed in an oval shape, with the Queen seated on her throne at one end, and sections around a large pit area where the knights and horses come to joust and fight to win different rounds on behalf of their team (separated by colors and names). You are seated on long benches and one-sided tables. There is little room to move about during the dinner and show.

You’ll see tons of guests with paper crowns and colored flags to wave for your court.

Tournament at Medieval Times Dallas

The Feast – What Food does Medieval Times serve?

It’s well known that the dinner menu at Medieval Times is a fixed price, and it’s made plenty of fans over the years. Dig into your tomato bisque (dragon’s blood) soup during the opening ceremonies and have fun eating your roasted chicken and sweet buttered corn with your fingers. There are no forks or utensils! Even your soup will be drunk out of a gauntlet!

Kids will get the same meal as adults, so don’t arrive expecting a kids’ menu if it’s your first time.

There are vegetarian options, so be sure to let them know when you check in what you need.

Medieval Times Dallas seating

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The Tournament

Your seats will dictate which court you are rooting for (there are six total) and a clever color scheme helps you keep track of when to cheer for your knight (and when to boo for the opposing courts). Watch for the Queen to come out and call for the start of the show!

It includes some majestic horses and even a falcon makes an appearance. The story is focused on saving the Queen, and which Knight is crowned the winner.

During the tournament when swords are used and the falcon flies around, they drop some huge netting screens in front of every seating area, to protect the audience.

On your way out, you’ll exit close to where they keep the horses, so you can see them close up!

Medieval Times Dallas tournament

Family-Friendly Tips for Medieval Times Dallas

Best Seats for Families

You’ll be seated by your server on a bench with a long table in rows, so bring any booster seats that may be needed. They’ll choose the best area for your family, but there really isn’t a bad spot as visibility is good from every seat.

Strollers are not easy to fit close to the benches, so they’ll recommend leaving them outside the stadium itself.

Age-Appropriate Enjoyment

It REALLY depends on the child and his/her attention span because the action and fighting are not constant. He/she might get a little bored during the speaking parts. Although our kids are older, we sat close to some 6-year-olds and they struggled to pay attention the whole time. I’d say it’s most ideal for kiddos in the 8-15 range! It’s not really “intense” at all! Kids really love it!

Adults can enjoy adult beverages, which are served at the bar and can be taken into the stadium with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Medieval Times Suitable for Young Children?

Because of a lack of space, strollers are not easily kept close to the benches and tables, so we recommend a baby carrier or booster seat for older babies and toddlers. They won’t be able to sleep due to the noise level, lighting and special effects used during the show. We recommend kids aged between 8 and 15 will enjoy it the most.

What Should We Wear?

Whatever you like! It’s perfect for cosplay and medieval costume, but without full facial masks or weapons of any kind (real or fake) or jeans and tees!

Can We Celebrate Special Occasions?

Birthdays are a specialty of theirs, up to a group limit of 15. They have several birthday packages for kids and adults for you to choose from, including a knighting by the Queen herself for the Birthday VIP!

Is there Handicap Accessibility? Is it suitable for anyone with Special Needs?

When you book your date and buy your ticket, you should select the ADA and wheelchair-accessible seating options.
We do not recommend this dinner and show for anyone with special needs, including sensory sensitivities. The show is loud and has lighting and effects which could be triggering.

What items are not allowed?

No outside food or beverage (this may make things more difficult for young children or those with specialty diets), cakes/desserts, balloons, full-face costumes/masks,  or weapons of any kind (real or fake!).

Tipping and Gratuity

They do encourage you to tip for good service, and you can do this ahead of time when you enter the castle as you check-in, in or leave cash at the end. There is an ATM in the main Hall of Arms.

Photos at Medieval Times Dallas

Medieval Times Dallas Extras and Add-ons

Upgrading Your Experience

There are upgrades available with extras, but we’ve bought general admission tickets and upgrades and both ways have really enjoyed our time at Medieval Times Dallas.

For VIP’s, those in the first two rows pay extra and get carnations thrown in the audience.

Lanyards and Crowns Medieval times dallas

Souvenirs and Keepsakes

There are reusable cups to buy for slushies or alcoholic drinks which are good keepsakes and tons of merchandise available for sale both before and after the show, including light up.

You can have a professional photo taken with a fun backdrop as you enter the stadium and purchase it as you leave. It is also included for every member of your group with a VIP package.

Places to Stay close to Medieval Times Dallas

To make your visit even more memorable, why not stay close to the Castle, so you don’t have to rush to get home afterwards.

This really is a must if you’ve never been or have just moved to the area! You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll create memories you’ll cherish forever.

We loved our visit and will definitely come back again in the future.


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