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10 Little-Known Secrets of Your Plano Library Card That Will Amaze You

You can use your library card at all 5 locations across Plano and get a free library card today when you visit.

We bet you didn’t know that every resident of Plano is within 5 miles of a Public Library!

There are reciprocal arrangements for residents of neighboring cities like Frisco, The Colony, and Allen, who can also use Plano libraries and get a library card with proof of address.

Here are 10 truly amazing things we bet you didn’t know you could do with a library card.

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With a Free Library Card, you can access Online Resources

Your library card holds the key to unlocking a treasure trove of online resources beyond just borrowing books. With just a few clicks, you can stream movies, and music, and even take online courses all for free with your library card.

So next time you swipe that card at the library, remember the wealth of resources waiting for you online.

Online resources may be limited for residents of other cities, but are fully available for Plano residents.

Be entertained


The Libby app is great for parents and for kids. For Kids on the Libby app we have a whole collection of kids eBooks with audio included – more than 700 books. We have a collection of Spanish read-alongs and Chinese read-alongs, too

For adults, there are thousands of different choices, often hard to find in print, and you can put a hold on them and get in line for those popular titles and get them delivered to your device and read with Kindle or with the Libby app itself.


You can sign up and get access to Flipster Digital Magazines and Pressreaders, including newspaper titles – both local and national, like the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal or New York Times (with access to through the Plano Library app which was recently re-released in February 2024.


I love driving and listening to the Libby app books through Apple CarPlay with my phone! Great for long road trips or daily errands when you want to find out what happens next!

Using your Digital Library Card to access Databases

 National Geographic for Kids from Gale, geared toward kids 6-14

We have a host of online databases to help kids with reading and research, broken up into elementary, middle, high school and college (click on Academics)

Rent Out More Than Books

Movies and TV streaming

 Kanopy Kids has unlimited movie/TV streaming (regular Kanopy has credit limits) and includes storybooks, read-alongs, series for kids (Blippi, The Berenstain Bears, etc.), science and math shows, language learning, and more

Kanopy is the adult version, with free access to 30,000 films of all types and topics.

Steam Kits!

They’ve updated a few recently, including

o   Elementary DNA

o   Elementary World of Bugs

o   Pre-K Ocean Life

Also check out Wonderbooks and VOX Books, which are print books with a ready-to-play audio device attached so that can read along with your kids.

Plano Library Card

All Residents can learn a New Skill

Language learning programs

Understanding our multicultural city and the number of languages spoken to Plano residents your Library Card offers a number of resources to help ESL learners and those wanting resources in their natural tongue.

Online courses

If you’re wanting to know how your car works and how to do basic maintenance tasks yourself, I bet you didn’t know that, via the Plano library app you can access the Chilton Library – offering automotive service and repair manuals on your phone.

Linkedin Learning is a great resource if you’re looking to learn new skills at your own pace with videos and reading content on your phone or device.

Tutoring help is a great resource, especially as we head into the testing season – students in K-12 can access a live (virtual) tutor daily, upload homework questions to get help, upload essays for edits, and even get resume assistance – easy to access online with a Library Card.

Access Technology

There are multiple computers to use at all locations and at Haggard Library, Harrington Library, and Parr Library there are Digital Creation Spaces for ages 13+.

Wi-Fi access, Printing, and 3-D printing are also available too.

Take Advantage of Career Resources

From Resume assistance and job search help, you can also get help with setting up and operating a small business and all types of resources for networking, mentoring and so much more.

Available Rooms to Work and Study

You can reserve a room at the library for multi-purpose use or reserve a room for free study.

Receive Personalized Recommendations

The library staff are a huge wealth of knowledge to point you in the right direction, at all 5 locations across Plano, providing Book recommendations and Reading lists for you and your kids. You can even book a time with Library Staff with your library card and web access ahead of your visit to the library.

Family Activities and Resources for Parents

Financial Literacy Programs and Budgeting workshops- both for Teens and for Adults, in the form of learning how to manage money, get out of debt, and direct assistance with doing your taxes.

Summer reading programs – you can help your kids set a reading goal for the Summer and get your log stamped for prizes at the Library!

Access to Digital Resources

For families with kids not quite in school yet, we have Miss Humblebee’s Academy – this gives preschool kids (and parents/caregivers) access to hundreds of guided lessons using videos, music, eBooks and activities to prepare for kindergarten

Parenting Workshops and Play Spaces

There are two Family Place playgroups at the library, offered over a 5-week series. Parents and kids can come together and play and speak to child development specialists, speech pathologists, and nutrition specialists.

There are also Parenting Conversations with UTD are monthly and virtual and talk through a book with other parents covering

Plano Library Card

Parent Cafe is parents only and in person, in partnership with United Way. Coaches work with parents through different topics, like routines and structure or life transitions (like bringing a second child into the family, or you are moving).

Plano Library Speaks is a great podcast you can listen to!

Play Spaces are available for crawling babies to explore – they’re very open with imaginary play items like kitchens and puppet stages, roleplay toys. It’s a great place to meet new people!

The Parenting Collection has been offered for a couple of years at the Plano Library. Books and dvds are covering a wide variety of topics like nutrition, newborns, language development, Montessori methods, and more.

Attend Workshops and Events

Storytime sessions

Librarians pick a few of the many 20,000 Picture Books in their collection, to use in Storytime which you can check out and take home.

Have you been to them? Let us know about it!


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