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Over 20 Local Support Groups for Women and Resources

Are you a Single Parent, do you have Kids with ADHD/Autism, Special Needs, going through Divorce, seeking Grief counseling, or need other types of support?

As Women and Moms in all stages of life, many events can happen to us all. 

We don’t have to go through these events alone and it is not always easy to ask for help in many of these topics. 

We’ve pulled together a list of support groups for women under 7 different categories to help you through many different events that may be happening in your life now. 

Support groups for women

These Support Groups for Women can help with:

  • Divorce: Whether you just need a group to listen, or help you with legal questions, custody support, and much more.
  • Grief: If you have just lost a loved one and need help with the stages of grief, these groups may be of some help.
  • Mom Groups: are you looking for some social interaction, and to share and hear stories about the joys and woes of motherhood?
  • Single Parents: do you want to have support from people with a similar lifestyle who can understand the joys and struggles of being a single parent?
  • Special Needs: Did you find out your child has a special need like Autism, or ADHD and need to hear about how others are dealing with situations similar to yours?
  • Women’s Needs: Do you need a support group to help you through Miscarriage, Breast Feeding, Sexual assault, or shelter?

You can find more information about these categories HERE

If you are currently part of any support groups for women or are involved in an organization that supports Moms with life and are not listed, please be sure to submit a listing.

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An evidence-based counseling intervention program for children of divorcing and separating parents.

Divorce Care-Chase Oaks


A 13-week course to help walk you through pain and recovery of Divorce.



Counseling will help you to process your experience and cope with the pain and stress of divorce. Your therapist will work with you to gain understanding of yourself and your relationship with your partner.


DivorceCare is a safe place where caring people come alongside you as you find healing from the pain of separation or divorce. At this 13-week, video-based support group program, you’ll find helpful counsel to manage the emotional turmoil and practical tools for decision-making.

Frisco Moms Care

Frisco Moms Care is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation devoted to enhancing the community through local service projects, promoting hospitality and goodwill through acts of kindness, and providing socialization among a sisterhood of moms.

Grant Halliburton Foundation


Grant Halliburton Foundation offers a variety of education programs, presentations, and an annual conference on mental wellness, suicide prevention, bullying, resilience, and other issues impacting youth mental health.

Grief and Loss Center


A community 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in East Dallas, the Grief and Loss Center of North Texas provides free grief support and grief education for four-year-olds through senior adults.



At GriefWorks, we provide a safe and loving environment where children and teens can share their stories of loss and explore their grief openly in order to heal and progress.

Journey of Hope Grief Support Center


Offers services in a warm, caring, and nurturing environment where the feelings of grief, pain, and loss may be expressed. Trained volunteer group facilitators lead participants in their personal journey toward healing and healthy reconciliation of their grief.


KIDWorks is a free support group program for children ages five to eighteen that are experiencing the divorce of their parents.

La Leche League of Greater Dallas, TX-Breastfeeding Support

Moms, dedicated to helping anyone learn more about the natural art of breastfeeding.

LightHouse for New Hope


We provide grief support for children and adults who have experienced the loss of a loved one. That loss may be from a death, divorce, separation or abandonment.


We believe in the simple but revolutionary idea that remarkable things happen when moms come together.

Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA)

As the statewide coalition of rape crisis centers, advocates, & survivors, we are committed to fostering a culture that respects the fundamental rights & dignity of all individuals in Texas.

The Autism Community in Action

TACA provides education, support, and hope to families living with autism. For every individual diagnosed with autism to lead an independent life.

The Life of a Single Mom

The Life of a Single Mom’s desire is to see that every single mom finds a support group that offers them life-giving relationships, networking opportunities, education, and more.

The Turning Point-Sexual Violence Support


Our mission is to provide counseling, education, and advocacy for those impacted by sexual violence.

Twelve 12 Ministries-Women Grief and Loss


A safe space for emotional, physical, and spiritual discipleship through in-person and virtual community. No matter your experience, whether miscarriage or infertility, we are ready to walk with you into a place of healing.

Veteran Spouse Network

The VSN aims to facilitate a statewide network for veteran spouses as they build a community of support.

A Warm Place

The WARM Place is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) agency that provides peer-support groups for children and their families after the death of a loved one.

Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center

Provides a comprehensive and compassionate response to individuals impacted by sexual violence through advocacy, education and prevention.

Joni and Friends


We train, disciple, and mentor people affected by disability to exercise their gifts of leadership and service in their churches and communities. We energize the church to move from lack of awareness of people impacted by disability to including everyone into worship, fellowship, and outreach.


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