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Do you need someone for Cleaning Near Me?

If you are looking for a House Cleaning near me, around the Plano, Texas area, you have quite a few options to choose from! 

These range from large, corporate cleaning companies to individual house cleaners.

House Cleaning Service

But how do you even start the process to find the best House Cleaner for you?

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How much does a House Cleaning Near Me cost?

As far as pricing, you will always pay more for an initial clean (or a move-in or move-out clean) than you would for an ongoing, regularly scheduled cleaning. 

house cleaning near me Plano

How much should I pay for Deep Cleaning?

Expect to pay anywhere from $0.10 – $0.15 per square foot in Plano for the initial deep cleaning and then roughly half of that amount for ongoing cleaning. This of course will be depending on how often you are having your cleaners come out.

For your typical 2,000 foot home in Plano, in average condition in terms of cleanliness, you’d be looking at between $200 – $280 for the initial house cleaning and then between $115 – $180 per visit.  

As far as pricing, hiring an individual house cleaner is almost always less expensive than hiring a company. Most individual house cleaners charge between $12 – $15 per hour vs house cleaning companies who charge upwards of $20 – $30 per hour per person.

So for cost alone, score one for the little guys!

So if you’re looking for the cheapest option, an individual is almost always cheaper! And if you are going on price alone, you’ll want to hire an individual.

House cleaning service

Our Top Tips to help you choose a House Cleaning Service

And if you decide to go the route of choosing a house cleaning company vs an individual, make sure to do your homework!

Google is always great, as they allow for reviews of companies but not necessarily individuals. Same for pages like Home Advisor. However, if you are attempting to vet individuals, Facebook is a potential option, as is Instagram.

In terms of finding a good house cleaner (company or individual), the best bet is always by a referral. Check out Nextdoor and Facebook for local neighborhood groups. 

There are also several websites dedicated to finding house cleaners, including Care, Task Rabbit, and Bark

Check for comments on punctuality, price, and dependability – both positive and negative. Past clients can provide great insight!

If you’d also like to look into hiring a house cleaning company in Plano, you’ve got quite a few local and nation-wide options to choose from. We love Dallas Sunrise Maids!

Google, Thumbtack, and Angie’s List are a few marketplaces that showcase the good, the bad and the ugly of house cleaning. So start by taking a look at the reviews and make sure you always call at least two house cleaning companies to see how they compare.

Most cleaning companies will generally bring their own cleaning supplies and many will also allow you to use your own, if you’d like to substitute. Make sure to ask what they’ll be using if you are concerned about sensitive surfaces you may have in your home.

House cleaning Plano TX

When interviewing for a House Cleaner, ask these questions

If this person has helpers, will it be the same people every time in your home?

How well will you be able to explain what you would like to clean? IE will your team speak English or just your one “lady”, or perhaps no one?

Will they always charge by the hour or will it be a fixed price, regardless of the current cleanliness of the home?

Do they carry any kind of insurance in case someone gets injured or something gets broken?

How long have they been cleaning homes? You’ll want to ask any potential house cleaner where they live, as that may affect their punctuality. You may also want to ask about how busy they are, which helps you determine how likely they are to stick with you. 

And just as importantly, make sure to find out how to communicate with them on scheduling for future visits. Some prefer text, email, phone calls or whatsapp. While it’s not likely they are using a scheduling system, you never know!

Will they bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment, or are you expected to have the supplies and equipment available?

Do they charge by the hour or by the job?

Can they provide a clear list of the areas they clean? Baseboards and blinds, for example may not be included so you’ll want to check to make sure your expectations line up with what is promised.

Do they carry any type of insurance or bonding in case anything goes missing or gets broken?

Is an inspection required after the cleaning?

Can they clean (or do they prefer) cleaning while someone is in the home?

How many people will be in your home?

And if you are considering an ongoing cleaning service, you’ll want to ask

Will you always have the same people cleaning for every visit?

Will you be required to sign a contract?

What happens if you need to cancel or reschedule?

Do you need to pay more for an initial clean vs ongoing cleaning, and if so what is the difference in the type of cleaning?

How long have they been in business?

How often are they canceling last minute?

Do they have any other customers in your area?

How does their billing work? IE what options do you have for payment and are there any fees associated with, for example, paying with a credit card?

Do you tip for house cleaning?

As far as tips, if you are using a house cleaning company, go ahead and ask them about tipping. In larger companies, tips are not generally expected but always appreciated. It’s never a bad idea to tip on that first cleaning, to keep your cleaning team motivated.

You’ll get the most bang for your buck, tip-wise if you have the same cleaning team coming out every time and you spread your tips out randomly. 

At the end of the day, all house cleaning options in Plano are most definitely not created equal. 

And since you are literally letting people into your home, you’ll want to make sure to do your homework before choosing the right company. Rest assured, there are some great ones out there 🙂

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An individual housekeeper should be 20-30 an hour. 12-15 is slave wages considering how hard the work is, they use their own supplies, blow through gas driving to different homes all day,, and have to get home and wash all the rags and towels, restock supplies every day, etc. PLEASE consider all these things when you balk at paying $20/hour to clean your home. Also - a happy, well paid housekeeper will bend over backwards for you and your family. Offer her some fruit, show her where the waters are, treat her well. Double her pay at Christmas and leave her treats on other holidays, even if it’s some leftover Easter candy you lay out cute with her payment. It really goes a long way for morale and making her feel appreciated. You will end up with someone who is loyal and dedicated to your family and who makes your home a priority.


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