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What Private School Options exist around DFW?

Thanks to Dara K. Tilghman for sharing her insight with us

I’m the creator of a FaceBook group turned website called DFW Private Education.  It’s a new but growing directory based site helping partnered schools, resources and families reach each other.  
I get messages all the time via FaceBook asking “What are my options? What types of schools are there?” Hopefully this can help with some of that.  

Online: There are some schools in the Metroplex that are either exclusively online or a hybrid of online and on campus.  This form of private education is sometimes cheaper for families and often provides more flexibility. It’s also great in that if you have a student who does not do well in a classroom setting altogether, this would be the best method.  

Many will say it’s a form of homeschooling but a lot of private schools were created from a homeschool. There are often social groups that meet up to foster friendships among families and students.

Student on the Computer in Plano, TX

Single Sexed: Single-sexed schools foster an environment that hopes to produce excellent male or female scholars.  Without outside distractions these students are usually going through the same changes at the same time.

The classrooms are designed to best meet the needs of female or male students and how each gender is known to learn.  Parents also feel there is less competition between the students in style of school too

girls in uniform at Private School

Secular: With a shift in our demographics more families are seeking secular based schools which means no religion is involved.  It does not mean that someone who is of faith cannot attend it just means there are no faith practices in the curriculum.  These schools often strive to be inclusive of all backgrounds, family dynamics and try to be progressive in their approach.

Learning Differences: There are wonderful options in our are for children who learn a little different and their needs cannot be met at their zoned school.  Schools like this will often have full time, employed speech & occupational therapists, ADHD coaches, dyslexia experts and an array of battery tests to help identify the specific needs and accommodations needed for your child.  They offer sports, clubs like any other school and their students go off to awesome colleges fully prepared or are assisted in finding employment post high school.

Kid student at Private School

Within these schools, you may find that they’re also College Preparatory, Classical Education or University Model.  It all depends on what the school’s curriculum is based on.  Many of our private schools go PreK – 12 and those that don’t have schools they feed into.  

If you’re a family with young children these schools offer early and late care and sometimes are cheaper than daycare, even more so if you qualify for tuition assistance.  In addition to all of this, there are camp offerings as well and these are great ways to try the school out before applying. I find that a lot of families in the area send their kids to private schools in Dallas but there are many great offerings in Plano and surrounding areas as well. You may feel with our public education system private education could be a waste of money but education is not the same for every child and for most it’s a personal preference.

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Here is some information on our author:

Dara K. Tilghman is a parent and founder of DFW Private Education, a fee based directory for exclusively for local private schools and student based resources in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area.  The website is free for all prospective families to browse or to establish contact and I can be reached via my website.

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