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The Top Plano Neighborhoods to Go Trick or Treating

Are your Kids ready to go out Trick or Treating?

Now that you have all the fun Fall Festivals to attend, the Best Pumpkin Patches to Visit, some Haunted Houses and some Fun Halloween Event for Kids, how about the top Plano, Texas neighborhoods to go trick or treating?

Best Neighborhoods to trick or treat in Plano, TX Collin County //

What time does Trick or Treating start?

If you’ve moved here from another state or another country, they might have localized agreed times for you to head out and Trick or Treat.

Here in Plano, and DFW area we don’t have a set time but can offer you some guidelines for when you’re most likely to get the most doors to open for you and your kids!

Start as soon as it’s dark – 5.30/6pm is the normal time at this time of year. Then, wrap up before 8.30 or 9pm latest.

Older kids tend to stay out later but many homeowners will stop opening the door around that time!

What is the Teal Pumpkin Project?

Many local families will also be participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project. Lots of kids have very serious, life-threatening food allergies. Those kids often either have to give away all of their candy or they don’t go trick-or-treating at all. (Even if the candy doesn’t contain the allergen, the risk of cross-contamination with most candies is very serious.) 

To take part, put a teal pumpkin out on your porch to indicate to trick-or-treaters that you have non-food treats available. We have some ideas for choices here.

You can also register your home address (only if you want to do that; many people do not) so people can find the houses in their neighborhoods where it is safe for those children to collect goodies. And if your kids do need a Teel Pumpkin, check for a map of those who register that they are open to Trick or Treaters. 

There are some areas around town that go all out and make it so much fun for kids.

Here’s a look at some great places to take kids on Halloween night

Phantom in Downtown Plano on a bench 1
Photo Credit: Amy Pagan, on behalf of Plano Arts and Events

Downtown Plano

Not for Trick or Treating, but a fun stop to take in if you are wanting to do a Halloween-themed tour around Plano.

You’ll find various Phantoms positioned around Downtown Plano, which are designed to haunt people shopping or enjoying Downtown.

Phantom in Downtown Plano 1
Photo Credit: Amy Pagan, on behalf of Plano Arts and Events

Stop at Interurban Railway Museum, Fillmore Pub, Haggard Park and Vickery Park

Menacing skeleton Trick or Treating Halloween in Plano TX
Photo Credit: Tony Giles, Plano TX

These are also the best Halloween houses to see!

West Plano Halloween House – The “Clark Griswold” of Halloween

Address: 6510 Sleepy Spring Drive, Plano 75024.

Each weekend (Friday/Saturday) homeowner, John plans to run creepy music, multiple fog machines, lightning and thunder to gear up for Halloween night.

Feel free to drive by to enjoy the fun “work” they’ve designed for the neighborhood.

6513 Sleepy Spring Dr, Plano, TX 75024

This one was a favorite last year and is back and bigger than before. With a full character program (Michael Myers and Freddie from Nightmare on Elm Street) starting Friday, October 28 – Monday, October 31.

More lights, more scenes, plus hanging mummies suspended across the street this year!


Singletree Tr. 75023 (NW corner of Parker/Independence)

This mainly consists of one house who some call ‘The Halloween House,’ but the street is nuts!

There is usually one house that goes above and beyond that, its decor literally takes up nearly 3 houses worth. The entire street may be blocked off and even if you don’t come trick or treat that night it’s a must-stop or stare at!

All the neighbors sit outside and pass out candy. A DJ tops the night with fun Halloween music. You do not want to miss this house!

We go every year and it does not disappoint.

Halloween on Singletree Plano
Photo Credit: Facebook Page – Halloween on Singletree Trail

Tearose Drive near Bluegrass Drive

This year’s theme is the Alien Invasion. Expect the full effect from October 28th!

You’ll see some really creepy, glowing extra-terrestrial experiments on display.

Trick or Treating in Plano

Teakwood Ln, Plano

Address: 3204 Teakwood Ln, Plano. Head to the alley round the back.

This Spooky Alley is great fun to drive through! They have an air cannon that shoots fog rings at you as you enter and kids get candy at the end. Thank you to local Mom, Amanda Christensen for the heads up!

Teakwood Lane Plano
Photo Credit: Amanda Christensen

Compton Drive, Plano

Address: 2300 Compton Drive, Plano, TX 75025.

It is a walk-through display with quite a few animatronics, a custom-built set, and on weekends it will be open for a walk-through experience. The residents will be handing out candy on Halloween as well!

R Avenue near 15th Place

Address: 701 Taylor Dr, Plano, TX 75074. Dark Hour Haunted House is easily located off of Interstate 75 in Plano, Texas.

Hours:  Friday & Saturday 7pm – Midnight, Thursdays & Sunday 7pm – 10pm, October 10th and Halloween 7pm – 11pm

Tickets: Price $15.00 – $77.00 per visit and experience.

We are short on Haunted Houses in the area, and the Dark Hour Haunted House is a great place to visit. We recommend this for children over 10 years of age.

This one is inspired by the Disney ride, with a skeleton driving an old-fashioned carriage, creepy portraits, a 12-ft. skeleton, frightening jack-o’-lanterns, and many scary creatures.

Pine Lakes Halloween Haunt

Address: 6661 Federal Hall St, Plano 75023

This year, owner Tony has created a robotic display that, at night looks like CGI or holographic. He invested hours and hours of time in outdoing himself as he does every single year!

The theme this year is “Evil Seeds” – the “baddest” pumpkins in town.

More Haunted Homes around Plano

Burkman Holiday Home, Frisco

Address: 3809 Hazelhurst Drive, Frisco TX

This family also decorates for the Winter holidays, but also provides a great display to enjoy for Halloween. If you head to the street, you’ll see the other neighbors joining in too and they’re so hospitable to Trick or Treaters!

Burkman Holiday Home Halloween
Photo Credit: Burkman Holiday Home Facebook

Preston Glen, Frisco

Address: Head to the neighborhood off of Hillcrest and Main. Turn right into Amber Valley Drive.

This neighborhood goes all out for Halloween. They usually have two small haunted walkways, Halloween music blasting, and adult trick or treating with a beer as the treat.

The Top Plano Neighborhoods to Go Trick or Treating

Deerfield Subdivision

Though this neighborhood is mostly known for the best Christmas lights, some Moms tell us they are prepared for all the trick or treaters as well.

No big street parties that we know of, but a fun and safe place to go trick or treating here.

Trunk or Treat in Plano

For little ones with shorter attention, trunk or treat may be a most suitable Halloween celebration.

Trunk or Treat events typically take place in a single parking lot or building and children are invited to dress in costumes and collect candy in an easy-to-navigate and low-stress atmosphere.

Trunk or Treat is perfect for children under the age of 5 or those who might need additional help navigating the streets during traditional trick or treating.

Check out these local Halloween events, many of which have Trunk or Treat options.

Check out these 11 Ideas to Celebrate Halloween at home

Photo Credit: Amy Pagan, on behalf of Plano Arts and Events

These are the most mentioned places to trick or treat on Halloween night for Plano Moms. Do you have a good neighborhood or area that does it right and fun for kids? Tell us all about it and we’ll add it to our list!

For more kid-friendly things to do around Plano follow us on Facebook!

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Trick-or-Treating Basics

Kids under age 12 should:

  • always go trick-or-treating with an adult
  • know how to call 911 in case they get lost
  • know their home phone number or your cell phone number if you don’t have a landline

Older kids who go out on their own should:

  • know their planned route and when they’ll be coming home
  • carry a cell phone
  • go in a group and stay together
  • only go to houses with porch lights on
  • stay away from candles and other flames
  • know to never go into strangers’ homes or cars

For all kids:

  • According to Safe Kids Worldwide, the risk of kids being hit by a car is higher on Halloween than on any other day of the year. So make sure all kids:
    • walk on sidewalks on lit streets (never through alleys or across lawns)
    • walk from house to house (never run) and always walk facing traffic when walking on roads
    • cross the street at crosswalks and never assume that vehicles will stop
  • Give kids flashlights with fresh batteries. Kids may also enjoy wearing glow sticks as bracelets or necklaces.
  • Limit trick-or-treating to your neighborhood and the homes of people you know.

When kids get home:

  • Help them check all treats to make sure they’re sealed. Throw out candy with torn packages or holes in the packages, spoiled items, and any homemade treats that weren’t made by someone you know.

Halloween and trick or treating in Plano Texas are one of the most fun, happiest times of the year for kids. We hope you enjoy the festivities!

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Keigh Martin

Monday 31st of October 2022

You failed to mention Whiffletree between Caravan & Clymer streets. Last year I had over 700 trick or treaters (I use a baseball pitch counter to tally)


Monday 31st of October 2022

Wow! That's a lot of candy to give out, Keigh! Can you share an address (block numbers at least?)

Courtney DeLizza

Tuesday 18th of October 2022

You should check out 1917 lake shore lane 75023 for Halloween! They have usually have live actors on Halloween night.


Saturday 30th of October 2021

3204 Teakwood Ln one is canceled for 2021.


Thursday 8th of October 2020

This is for 2020 correct?


Thursday 8th of October 2020

Yes, we don't have a way of checking each and every street and with every homeowner, but we are hoping that many of these neighborhoods will decorate and go all out like they have the past few years!