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Top Attractions to See at the State Fair of Texas With Kids

The State Fair of Texas is almost here. I just love this time of year! Bring on the corny dogs and Big Tex! It’s such a fun time to take the kids and make a fun day out of it. We decided as a family a few years ago that we would visit the fair every other year because it can be costly. This year is our year to go and I’m so excited! I’ve put together my top attractions to see at the State Fair of Texas With Kids.

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Top things to see and do at the Fair with Kids

Big Tex!

This is a landmark. You have to go see Big Tex. If you’ve been around here for awhile you might even remember where you were when the old Big Tex caught on fire. It was awful. Luckily, this Big Tex is good as new and he’s looking good. He gets very crowded but he’s also a good meeting area or a place if you get lost. Big Tex is always high on our list!

Things to see and do at the Fair with Kids


Yes, they stink and it gets crowded but the kids love feeding them. Visiting and feeding the animals is a huge highlight every year. Go to the inside area and fork over the cash to actually feed the baby animals. The kids will love you forever.

Dog Show

If you are a dog lover then go to the indoor dog show. This is a nice treat to be able to sit down in the a/c! This is a great show that is kid-friendly and short and sweet. It does draw a nice crowd so be prepared to wait!

Things to see and do at the Texas Fair with Kids

The Big Wheel

We never really go on this because the lines are always sooooo long but it’s fun to look at. I cannot imagine actually waiting in line for that but to each his own. I love taking pictures of it! If you’ve ridden this wheel, how long did you wait in line?


Food is actually a highlight of the fair. Did you know some people come to the fair just for the food? They do!  We can’t leave without getting a Fletcher’s corn dog. They never taste as good as they do anywhere else as they do at the state fair. We always comment on how many tickets each corn dog is, but they are worth every ticket!! Other food favorites include a funnel cake, turkey legs (I’ve never had one!) and there’s always the food court area to try the winning foods of the fair.

Midway Games

Okay, so this is not high on my list but it is for my kids. This costs a fortune and the prizes are the worst things ever but the kids keep trying. We try and put this one-off until the bitter end. Maybe you have a good excuse to bypass this one??

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This is my one extra stop and my kids love to go visit this half of a man. He’s funny (and a little crude) but he’s very interesting! Have you ever seen him? I cannot figure out his trick!


Are you going to the fair this year with your kids? What are your favorite things to do? Opening day is Friday, September 29th! We’ll see you at the Fair! Here’s a look at the daily schedule and ticket price information.

The best things to see and do with Kids at the State Fair of Texas

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