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Tips and Advice on Personal Safety for Women in Plano, TX

Tips and advice on how to stay Safe from Officer Bianez from Plano Police Department

Although Plano has a longstanding record as one of the safest cities to live in, in the United States, we should never take your personal safety for granted.

We hear from Officer Bianez as he shares his best Tips and Advice for Moms in Plano, TX.

How to keep safe when you are out in Plano

Get some tips and advice from Officer Bianez from Plano Texas Police Department?? Officer Bianez is on hand for you on Monday at 11am, to answer any questions about keeping safe when you are out and about walking, running or being out and about in Plano.Last time we featured Officer Bianez on our Facebook Live, nearly 3,000 of you watched and chatted with himHe has all the answers and tips for you. Tune in!? Click here to be reminded – you can also watch on REPLAY! ?

Posted by Plano Moms on Monday, August 10, 2020

How many of you feel confident that you have enough street sense?

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So let’s say enough common sense that you could tell the difference between someone who is safe and someone who’s dangerous.

The truth is we cannot tell if someone is safe or dangerous by looking at them. And we can look at case study after case study, where someone looked like a totally decent person and had a job.

Everyone is always shocked. And any time you see a story on the news about something tragic, like what happened in Plano? They always say, these things don’t happen here. This is a safe community.

I do want to stress that Plano is one of the safest cities in America consistently year after year. But we know that random acts of violence can happen. And when they do happen, it really reminds us how vulnerable we can be and how important it is to think of our safety quite often. That’s the last thing we think about.

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Tip 1: Always trust your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, it may not be. If you see something that seems creepy, walk away from it, not towards it. Don’t take the elevator if someone is inside that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Tip 2: If someone asks for your help or to go with them, don’t go off into an isolated area with someone you don’t know. It may not be safe.

Tip 3: If someone approaches you with a weapon and asks for your purse, give it to them. Personal property can be replaced. A car can be replaced, but a person’s life cannot. When you are out, don’t carry valuables or extra credit cards that you don’t need. Then if you have to surrender your property, it is only a limited liability.

Tip 4: If someone tells you to get in their car, do not do that. Stay in one place. If you get into a vehicle, something else could happen to you that turns into a different crime scene where you may be isolated and worse things could happen. Even if they threaten you with a gun, they are unlikely to actually shoot you – it is just used to get you to go with them.

Tip 5: If someone tells you to stay still or not scream, then do the opposite. Scream and resist! They are less likely to stay if you cause a scene in a public place for fear of getting caught.

Tip 6: Look around you, look people in the eye and act with confidence in public. Criminals will pick those who they don’t perceive as a threat or draw attention to them if they are wanting to commit a crime.

Tip 7: How to protect you and your small children if you are loading them into the Car and their Car Seats. Look around you as you approach the car and continue to do so. Try and get the children in first and jump in the car with them and lock the door. Then you have time to get them in the Car Seats without concern of someone approaching you.

Tip 8: If you are wanting to walk or run outside, or on the trails, try and group with at least one other person and ensure you look out for each other. If you are listening to music or have headphones on, keep one ear uncovered to be able to hear your surroundings. If someone approaches you ask them “Can I help you?” Carry with you a flashlight combination, taser gun and pepper spray. You may want to carry a pendant with a hidden knife in it too.

Officer Bianez

I recommend the Tigerlight Defense Alert Device (D.A.D) to all Moms out there to carry with them.

  • BLUETOOTH/GPS TECHNOLOGY ALERTS HELP – A completely redesigned, award-winning Bluetooth GPS technology that with a push of a button, alerts your location to your friends and family as well as a nearby network of heroes within a one mile radius with the free D.A.D. app.
  • STOPS ATTACKER – Incredibly potent, accelerated, military-strength pepper spray with history of 96% effectiveness in TigerLights, even on the drug impaired, far surpassing the stopping power of regular pepper sprays.
  • DURABILITY – Custom Bluetooth module sits inside the lightweight polycarbonate housing, the same durable material used on football helmets and bullet resistant windows.
  • STAYS IN HAND – Most attacks are sudden, unexpected and violent. If your self-defense device is not in hand, it’s useless. The D.A.D. 2 is 100 times more likely to be in hand due to the hand strap, non-weapon appearance, light weight, comfort and dual utility as a flashlight and a pepper spray device

I also recommend you take Krav Maga and Women’s Self Defense Classes here in Plano, so that you are equipped with physical tools to fight back if needed.

Our favorite Classes:

With thanks to Officer Bianez, of Plano Police for his invaluable tips and advice to keep us all safe.