The Top 10 Brainy and Zany Benefits of PSL Chess

PSL Chess offers a rich variety of educational models, making chess learning accessible, inclusive and beneficial to students of all abilities. From individual and group study to friendly and competitive tournament play, they combine tactics and strategy with excitement and calm deliberation.
The game of chess, as taught in the PSL Chess program activates multiple bits of intelligence. They believe chess is more than a game, it’s a lifelong path to increased focus,  self-confidence, imagination and mental agility.
 benefits of chess

The Top 10 Brainy and Zany Benefits of PSL Chess:

1. SPORTSMANSHIP- Competition fosters interest and promotes mental alertness. In a positive environment, PSL Chess encourages learning through losing and sharing through winning,  enhancing the student’s ability to interact with people of all ages and abilities with respect and patience.
benefits of chess2.SELF CONFIDENCE – Chess forces one to make important decisions influenced by one’s own judgment,  building those mental muscles of independence and confidence.
3.PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS- A chess match requires fast thinking with constantly changing parameters,  a benefit that many studies have linked to higher scores on standardized testing.
4.POSITIVE RISK TAKING- The theme of risk and reward is a constant one in chess.Players have to weigh costs and benefits of every option and move in chess.  This concept has a prevalent connection in the everyday world of school and work and promotes accountability
5. SPARKS CREATIVITY- Playing chess helps unleash one’s originality.
6. PROMOTES BRAIN GROWTH- Games like chess that challenge the brain to stimulate the growth of dendrites. With more dendrites, neural communication within the brain becomes faster.
7. DISCIPLINE AND FOCUS – Students learn discipline, restraint, and patience through chess. It is a skill to be learned to sit still for one or more hours in silence over a chess board. This strength and ability have a necessary connection to many important areas of life.
8. NATURAL SCAFFOLDING- Chess naturally gets harder as you get better. You can always learn more, building precept on precept.
9. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE- There is always remarkable improvement in students’ chess games when they can consider their opponent’s perspective. A key component of emotional intelligence is understanding the motive of others and it is strongly linked to success in other areas of life.
10. PROMOTES ETIQUETTE- Proper etiquette is a required component of good sportsmanship and overall enjoyment of the game in the PSL Chess program. Our students are taught to represent themselves and PSL Chess well, at all times.
Premiere Scholar League Chess is located in Plano. They offer camps and classes all summer. They also offer free lessons on Thursday nights at the Texas Pool! Follow them on Facebook for daily events and happenings.


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