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The Best Facebook Groups to Sell Your Stuff

best facebook groups to sell your stuff

Do you have some extra clutter around and don’t know how and what to do with it? Now there’s a way that is easy to make a little money and clean out, selling stuff in Facebook groups!

You can make some great extra money by selling in Facebook groups.

Here’s a list of the Best Facebook Groups to Sell Your Stuff.

Clothing sale

Don’t have time for a full yard/garage sale?

Sell your stuff on Facebook!

Babies and Kids


Everyday Items:

Most of the groups work the same but make sure you read all the rules. You will list your items to sell and prices as well as location.

Others will comment that they want to buy.

You will private message the people back and forth and come up with a location to sell.

We would advise meeting in a public place if you do not know the person. I have never had a problem selling before but I know others that have.

Sometimes I leave my items as a ‘porch pick up’ and the buyer leaves money under the mat for me.

If you have problems with sellers or buyers make sure you reach out to the admins in the group.

Now that summer is here you can clean out and make some extra cash! Start an envelope system and add money into it for play money like going to the movies or getting ice-cream.

Kids will be motivated to help you if they are earning something from it too!

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phyllis phillpotts

Thursday 28th of July 2022

which is the best buy and sell in puerta rico or surrounding area


Thursday 4th of August 2022

We're unable to provide that info, as we are focussed on the DFW area and Plano, Texas in particular.

You don't want anyone missing this!

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