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Best Breakfast and Brunch

The Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Plano

Breakfast? Lunch? Or Brunch?Are we meeting for breakfast? Or lunch? And many of us may agree, let’s do meet for BRUNCH! We all love brunch, am I right? Well… some may prefer breakfast or lunch..  But before going to the list, let me talk a little bit about brunch. As we may all have known, brunch […]

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Plano Moms’ Favorite Sushi Restaurants in Dallas Texas

Which Sushi Restaurants in Dallas, Texas are our favorites? The Dallas restaurant scene has made extensive improvements over the past 5 to 10 years. Although there has been a massive growth of restaurants in the city, the North Dallas ‘burbs have definitely been on the rise as well.  Sushi Life is tastier in the burbs […]

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Mi Cocina

Mi Cocina Lakeside

I love family friendly restaurants.   A nice place to take the family and have a good meal and a place that is fun for kids. One of our favorite places is Mi Cocina Lakeside in Plano. Mi Cocina Lakeside is located off Preston Road in Plano. It has a nice covered patio that can […]

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