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Anne Bertelson Photography: Capturing Magic

Anne Bertelson is a Plano newborn, child and family photographer specializing in magical moments. She is so grateful that you’re here to learn more about her and the love she has for photographing little ones.  The big picture is honestly quite easy to paint.  She sees splendor in the mundane.  She finds contentment in simplicity.  Her age belies a very old soul.  And photography is her heart.

With phone cameras so readily available, it’s easy to capture the memory, but not the feeling in it. And that’s what memories are made of, isn’t it? That’s where Anne come in. When she looks into the eyes of a child, she sees perfection peering back at her from beneath sooty lashes. Emotions jump and play with abandon across their unreserved faces and her gift and greatest pleasure is capturing each one with her camera, saving the memory for all the ever-afters.

Just like your children, she can still vividly remember making endless fairy chains in the backyard while the warm summer sun cast shadows around her daydreams.  She remembers the days of tulle skirts tickling her knees and thoughts of glittering fairy dust tripping gleefully through her head. And she wants to capture that moment for you so you can always look back and see how your little girl twirled in the sparkles or your little boy wrinkled his nose and grinned.

Creating heirloom portraits of your sweet babies and precious families is her passion and the service that she wants to share with everyone.

She offers several types of photo sessions to best serve your family including themed mini sessions, styled Daydream sessions, and family, newborn, maternity and senior photos.

Plano Mom Offer: When you mention that you’re a Plano Mom at www.annebertelsonphotography.com/contact, she will be more than happy to offer you 20% off your session fee. Being a mom can be a crazy busy mess of a business, but she’s here to help you remember the beautiful moments when they’re grinning their faces off or there are tears in their eyes because they’re your children, and how could that be anything but special?

She would be so honored to have the opportunity to showcase your child and all of the little nuances that make each one of you beautiful.  Anne is more than happy to answer any questions you may have and would absolutely love to hear from you!  From the bottom of her heart, she thanks you for stepping into her world!

Now is the perfect time to get some photos taken! Want to capture your little one’s summer fun? We’ve created a limited time only Ice Cream Mini Session to help you treasure those fleeting moments forever. You can book yours now at www.annebertelsonphotography.com/acuity or email me at Anne@AnneBertelsonPhotography.com if you have any questions. Plus get $25 off if it’s your first session with me. Can’t wait to see you in the studio, friend!

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My Top 10 Summer Fun List for Kids & Moms too!

Well, the countdown is on, summer holidays are rapidly approaching.  If you’re anything like me, I love to have a list of things up my sleeve for those days when the dreaded “I’m bored” words ring in my ears.  I try and balance out some at home days with some adventures out of the house.  And if it’s a free or cheap adventure, everyone is happy! My kids are 12, 9 and 6 so finding something that everyone enjoys can be a challenge to say the least.

Now, some of these we haven’t tried before and some are my family’s favorites.  I’ve limited my list to within Dallas but focusing on Plano, Frisco, Little Elm area.  

  1. Public libraries
    We are blessed with some of the best libraries around and all at our doorstep.  They offer amazing programs over the summer and at the very least, we go and borrow some books and dvd’s for those afternoons where it’s just too hot to play outside.  They offer summer camps and summer reading programs.  Look online for more details.

2. Movies

Both Cinemark and Studio Movie Grill are offering selected films at $1 over the summer.  See their website for details.  We also love the Coyote Drive In at Lewisville.  

3. Hawaiian Falls
I love Hawaiian Falls but with 3 kids, I usually save this for a weekend when I can get my husband or another adult to come with me so we keep our eyes on everyone at once.  We always take our own cooler in with lunch and drinks and might treat the kids to an ice-cream or snow cone on our way out. 

4. Pools 
Our favorite is the Frisco Athletic Center.  We love that you can take a cooler in (no glass or alcohol) and enjoy a free day out if you are a member or pay the small entry fee if you’re not.  There are two great little kid’s areas, a big slide for the bigger kids and an awesome lazy river.  We haven’t yet been but will definitely be checking out the Jack Carter pool this summer, it has a diving board, a lazy river and a flow rider!  There is also the Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center close by which has splash pad, diving board and a slide.  

5. Video Game Museum
If you haven’t been, you should check it out.  My kids loved it and at the end of the museum is an 80’s style arcade (not to mention the 80’s tunes!!) and your entry gets you 4 tokens which gets you 4 games.  You can buy extra tokens – 4 for $1.  We only went a few weeks ago and my kids are already asking to go back.  

6. Dallas Museum of Art and Klyde Warren Park

My kids love being downtown and eating at the food trucks and playing in the park at Klyde Warren.  It’s right across the road from the Dallas Museum of Art so makes for a great day out.  DMA offers free entry every day and has a great summer family fun program from June 13 to August 11.

7. Bowling

Most offer cheap deals over the summer like Strike and Pinstack, usually if you get there before 10am but if you register at www.kidsbowlfree.com  – you can bowl for free, you just pay for your shoes.  Registered kids get two free games of bowling every day of the summer for free! There is a one time payment of $5 per child to register and the closest is probably Plano Super Bowl.

8. Rollerskating

A similar program to the bowling, it’s at www.kidsskatefree.com and the closest to us is Interskate at Lewisville.  Ice-skating at Galleria is also lots of fun

9. Zoos
We love both the Dallas Zoo (especially feeding the giraffes) and the Fort Worth Zoo (love the walk in bird exhibit).  We’ll try and pick a cooler day and go early to avoid the heat, the animals aren’t overly active when it’s so hot

10. Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch
I have been meaning to take the kids here for ages, there’s always a groupon! It’s about 45 minutes away and is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays only from 10-5.  

Usually as summer approaches, I ask my kids to write down some things they’d really like to do on a piece of paper and we try and schedule all these things in too.  Try it out, you’ll be surprised what they ask to do – a trip to the library, or going out for ice-cream always make it on to our lists.


We are blessed to live in an amazing part of the world with so many kid friendly things to do and amazing weather to enjoy it in.  Don’t forget all the wonderful aquariums, museums, LEGOLAND (it has a small splash pad too!), splash pads, the list is endless…

It’s worth checking out the great deal with Plano Moms and Pogo Pass – for $39.98. You get access to quite a lot of these activities mentioned above and a whole lot more.  And the best part is that you have a year to use it.  Get yours now: https://dallastx.pogopass.com/

Enjoy your summer vacation!

What’s your favorite thing to do with kids over the long hot summer? I would love to hear of any I may not know about.

Melissa, Guest Blogger for Plano Moms

How to Prepare for Family Pictures

Family picture day can be very stressful for Moms. You are the one getting everyone ready and helping everyone to have their best smiles. You want everything to go perfectly, so here are some tips to help you prepare for family pictures.

*Choose a Photographer: Plano has some great family photographers! Look online for some local photographers. If you like the pictures they have taken of others then you will like yours too.

*Find a Location: Are you looking for a park or urban setting? Look online for some ideas and ask your photographer for advice.

*Pick Out Clothes at Least a Week in Advance: Start planning what clothes everyone will wear. It’s best to have something comfortable, especially for kids or they will not be happy! It’s fun to match but don’t have everyone in the exact same print! There are so many ideas on Pinterest you can look at for ideas. Ask your photographer for some ideas too.

*Get Rest the Night Before and Have Everyone Eat Before: There’s  nothing worse than kids be starving or tired for family photos. Plan a good time in advance and make sure everyone has rest and has eaten before the photo shoot.

*Give Yourself Extra Time:  You never know what could happen the day of the photoshoot. You could wake up late or there could even be rain! Allow for extra time so that you are not rushed. Have a backup outfit planned for just in case.

*Have Fun: One of the best and easiest things you can do for family photo day is to HAVE FUN! Some of the best pictures are the ones that are natural and real life photos. Don’t expect everyone to be looking and saying ‘cheese’ all the time. Having fun will make for some of the best family photos because they will capture real life moments you will want to remember!

Even though this is really only 6 tips, I have one more; I’m not opposed to bribery! I always give my kids a treat or something fun after family photos! Whatever works!!