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Spend $10, get $10 for Amazon Prime Day

Spend $10 with a Small Business, get $10 to spend on Prime Day

For Prime Day Amazon has launched a brand new Spend $10, get $10 credit to spend offer, to support and fund small businesses across the U.S, including many Texan small business owners in our area!


This offer is available to anyone who buys from a Small Business on Amazon on a variety of items – from coffee to jewelry, household decor to baby clothing

And many of these Small Businesses love to make Handmade goods (like Etsy). If you shop U.S. based Makers, get a $10 credit to use and spend for Prime Day.

(You’ll get this credit straight after your purchase – I tested it myself)


But you do need to be quick!

This is only available until Sunday, June 20th though, so click here to shop and search through some of the most unique products, knowing you’re supporting Small Business owners in the United States, many of which are in Texas.

Small Business categories

Spend $10, Get $10 to spend on Prime Day

p.s. Thank you for supporting us by shopping our links for Prime Day. It means we can continue to provide great content and resources for Plano Moms for months to come! We are an Amazon affiliate.

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