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A Social Media Safety Guide for Parents

Social media is constantly changing and it certainly does affect our children and teens. Recently, Plano Police officer Richard Glenn shared some useful information on social media safety for parents.

A big topic of discussion amongst parents today is social media and how to protect their kids from certain dangers. We even wrote a post sharing some tips and ideas from Moms on how to keep kids safe.

A social media safety guide for parents

Concerns for Kids on Social Media



  • They usually are pretending to be a teenager. They give them full attention and time, and they also take their side (unlike most parents. )


  • Includes: flaming, trolling, photo-shopping, identity theft, rumor spreading, and happy slapping.
  • Warning Signs of Cyber-bullying Include: avoiding technology, grades falling, withdrawing from friends/family, poor eating/sleeping, not wanting to be on the computer, substance abuse


Over Exposure


  • 51% of people ages 13-31 year olds say getting likes on social media gives them a rush.

What Can Parents Do?

One of the best things parents can and should do is be active in their teen’s life and be there! More tips from Plano Police Officer Glenn.

  • Be attentive
  • Be in control
  • Check their phone, and tell your teen you are going to do this!
  • Put trackers on their phone
  • Link their dropbox and google photos to your phone so you can see all the photos they take.

Other Ideas:

  • Have a central charging station so you can see their phone
  • check the apps they have downloaded
  • Teach your kids about posting on social media before they get to that age!
  • Try the Life 360 App to help monitor where your kids are (free)
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Do you have any other tips on how to keep kids safe or ways you handle social media with your kids? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.