Self Help Skills to Know Before Kindergarten

Self Help Skills to Know Before Kindergarten

When your child is of kindergarten age you might be worried about whether or not they are fully prepared. There can be so many things to do and prepare for this big transition. You will want to make sure your child can do some self-help skills on their own to function for the long day. Here are some self-help skills to make sure your child knows before starting kindergarten.

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*Use the Bathroom Independently: Children should know this basic independent skill and this should include wiping and flushing. Most classes allow students to go into the bathroom area on their own so this is an important skill to have.

*Wash Hands: Teachers will not be standing there washing all the hands of every single student! Being able to get soap and wash/dry hands is important.

*Blow Own Nose: This is a skill that can take some time to learn. It can be easier has parents to just grab a tissue and wipe their own nose but teachers will not want to do this for every child. Teach your child how to hold the tissue over their nose and blow! (Then go wash their hands!!)

*Open containers: This is big!! Show your kids and practice before schools starts with opening lunch containers. Some things might be hard and will require teacher assistance but if they can open their own lunches not only will they get to eat faster, but they will have more self-confidence. This should include opening straws and water bottles!

*Put on Coat and Zip: On chilly days going outside will require wearing a jacket. Imagine a teacher having to put on and zip up all 20-24 jackets! That is so time-consuming!! This will require some practice but it will help in the long run.

*Tie Shoes: This might take awhile and not happen before kindergarten but it’s a very important life skill. There are so many videos and cook tricks so start them early on this!

It must be noted that children develop at different times. The above is just a guideline for some ideas of things to work on with your child. You know your child and what they are capable of. Use modifications as needed and these are just some ideas of self-help skills to work on with all children.






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