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Download our Scavenger Hunts around Plano Parks

Looking for something fun to do as a family?

Tired of doing the same thing every weekend?

It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors and explore some of our local parks. Spend quality family time together and create memories you’ll never forget!

Have a blast as you follow the map on a quest through Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano. Your team will look for clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges all while having fun!

Purchase your Scavenger Hunt now, and start your Adventure any time!

Each 7-page Downloadable Scavenger Hunt includes

Scavenger Hunt benefits

How it works

  • Click each button below to purchase an individual Scavenger Hunt and download the PDF to your phone or laptop/desktop.
  • You’ll be prompted to download in your Confirmation Email, so look out for that!
  • Top Tip: When you download your PDF, it may open a new tab on your Mobile Browser or download as a PDF to your computer or laptop. 
  • You can print it (make one copy per family member) and attach it to a clipboard with a pencil or pen
  • Just use the digital version which is optimized for easy reading on a mobile phone
  • Set aside an hour at least for your adventure and include a picnic and some downtime to stroll and enjoy being out in nature. This is a self-guided Scavenger Hunt that you can plan to do whenever you’d like!

Choose the Package Right for You

Get one Scavenger Hunt for just $15, or upgrade your order to the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt Bundle

The Ultimate Plano Scavenger Hunt Bundle

  • Includes our 3 best selling scavenger hunts – Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Russell Creek Park and Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve
  • Specifically created with families in mind, these fun filled adventures are designed to help you get out and make lasting memories with those you love.
  • All ages can join in the fun and participate in the kid-friendly activities that will bring the whole family together for a unique experience. Purchase your scavenger hunts now and start your adventure at any time.

You can also purchase your Scavenger Hunts separately

Over 300 Local Families have enjoyed our Scavenger Hunts!

Thanks for getting us out into nature, we’ll definitely be back to explore more of Oak Point Park


Such a fun thing to do, we made a day of it with a picnic


My daughter loved the Picture Hunt page 


Here’s what some of our Moms had to say about the Scavenger Hunt

“Just $15 for 90 minutes of fun… but we could have stayed there for another couple of hours enjoying the park, having a picnic and exploring!”

“With older Kids (age 7 -15), you could do the hunt part in about an hour, but we were probably there for about 2 hours”

“This was a really fun thing to do as a family, even the dog enjoyed it!”

“Thanks for getting us out into nature, we’ll definitely be back to explore more of Oak Point Park”

“My daughter loved the Picture Hunt page”

“Such a fun thing to do, we made a day of it with a picnic”

“Toddlers can get involved for sure! Just allow more time for strolling and exploring”

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I do this Scavenger Hunt?

This is a self-guided hunt, so we recommend doing it in good weather and allowing the time to fully explore your surroundings and the nature around you. But there is no time limit. You can buy it now, and take it whenever suits you!

Can I get a physical copy?

By design our Scavenger Hunts are only available in digital PDF format with online access. You can however print the entire bundle or you can print just the individual scavenger hunts when you need them.

What is your Return Policy?

If after exploring all that the Scavenger Hunts have to offer and you’re not 100% satisfied, email us within 3 days of your purchase for a full refund.

*Note: Due to the nature of the scavenger hunt digital format, we cannot offer refunds after they have been downloaded or printed.