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Russell Creek Park Scavenger Hunt


Have a blast as you follow the map on a quest through Russell Creek Park in Plano. Your team will look for clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges all while having fun!

Purchase your Scavenger Hunt now, and start your Adventure any time!

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The seven page downloadable Scavenger Hunt Includes:

  • 10 question scavenger hunt with mystery phrase final answer
  • Detailed map with clearly marked path
  • Scavenger hunt tips to make your hunt a success
  • Details on where to get a hint in case you get stuck
  • Spot-it scavenger hunt for little kids
  • An extra page for Notes and Sketches! 

Two different ways to play:

Paper & Pen – Simply print out the PDF version of the scavenger hunt and grab a pen or pencil and you’re all set. If you have a clipboard or folder bring it along too so you have a hard surface to write on. NOTE: This is the recommended way to play.

Mobile Device – Prefer to use your tablet? Simply download the 6 image files. There is one image for each page of the scavenger hunt. Then use the built in photo editor to fill out the scavenger hunt as you go. NOTE: This will be more time consuming than printing out the PDF and using pen & paper, but it is an option.

Scavenger Hunt Details

The scavenger hunt is great for families, small groups and kids of all ages. 

Location –3500 McDermott Rd, Plano, TX 75025

Suggested Starting Point – There is ample parking as you drive into the park but we recommend parking close to the Playground, as it is the start and end point for the Scavenger Hunt.

Walking Distance – Approximately 0.6 – 1 mile 

What You’ll See – Turtles, Raccoons and Fish

Enjoy your adventure! Purchase your Scavenger Hunt now, and start your Adventure any time!


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