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How to Prepare for Family Pictures

Family picture day can be very stressful for Moms.

You are the one getting everyone ready and helping everyone to have their best smiles.

You want everything to go perfectly, so here are some tips to help you prepare for family pictures.

Prepare for Family Photos

*Choose a Photographer: Plano has some great family photographers! Look online for some local photographers. If you like the pictures they have taken of others then you will like yours too.

*Find a Location: Are you looking for a park or urban setting? Look online for some ideas and ask your photographer for advice.

*Pick Out Clothes at Least a Week in Advance: Start planning what clothes everyone will wear.

It’s best to have something comfortable, especially for kids or they will not be happy! It’s fun to match but don’t have everyone in the exact same print!

There are so many ideas on Pinterest you can look at for ideas. Ask your photographer for some ideas too.

*Get Rest the Night Before and Have Everyone Eat Before: There’s nothing worse than kids be starving or tired for family photos. Plan a good time in advance and make sure everyone has rest and has eaten before the photo shoot.

family photo family

*Give Yourself Extra Time:  You never know what could happen the day of the photoshoot. You could wake up late or there could even be rain! Allow for extra time so that you are not rushed. Have a backup outfit planned for just in case.

*Have Fun: One of the best and easiest things you can do for family photo day is to HAVE FUN! Some of the best pictures are the ones that are natural and real life photos.

Don’t expect everyone to be looking and saying ‘cheese’ all the time. Having fun will make for some of the best family photos because they will capture real life moments you will want to remember!

Even though this is really only 6 tips, I have one more; I’m not opposed to bribery. I always give my kids a treat or something fun after family photos! Whatever works!!