Everything You Need to Know about Plano Schools

All About Plano Schools

If you are new to Plano or just have younger kids it’s a good idea to learn a little bit more about Plano schools.

Plano Schools are structured a little differently from other surrounding school districts so it’s a good idea to know more about them before your kids start. More recently, they have opened the PISD Academy High School which is another great Senior High School option.

They also have a great App you can download as a Parent or a Student with handy links to everything you’ll need.

Early Childhood Programs

Plano has a number of options that you might not know about for preschool-aged children.

  • There are 3 Early Childhood centers that your child could attend based on where you live in Plano. These are tuition based and are 5 days a week for children of age 4 before September 1st.
  • State and Federal Programs. If you meet the criteria stated, your child could attend one of the early childhood centers for free.
  • Full Day Pre-K: This is for families that live only in the Christie, Huffman, Jackson, Memorial and Thomas elementary schools. If you do not know what school area you live in check this school finder.
  • Preschool for Children with Disabilities: PPCD is a special education program that serves children 3-5 with disabilities. You have to qualify to attend but some children go for speech and other like social and emotional delays. The cost is free after a child turns 3 years old.
  • Senior High Learning Centers: This is a tuition-based preschool for children ages 3-5. The schools are located at each Senior High School and along with teachers, high school students interested in teaching help assist and work there.
  • Plano Family Literacy: This is a full family educational program. It will assist in teaching the adults and children in the family. There are specific requirements for this program including low income and limited English.
  • Head Start: A federally funded program for children ages 3 or 4 and the families that meet low-income guidelines.

Everything you need to know about PISD

Elementary: Once your child turns 5 (on or before September 1) they are ready to start Kindergarten and one of the local PISD elementary schools.  These schools will be for grades Kindergarten- 5th grade.

Middle: PISD Middle school serves grades 6-8th.

PISD High School: This is for grades 9-10th only.

Senior High: Senior High Schools in PISD serve grades 11-12. Plano has 4, including Plano Academy.

PISD Academy Programs: In the last few years, Plano has incorporated some academy high schools for some qualifying students. Right now there are 3 academy programs at different locations across Plano including the PISD Academy High School.

Special Programs:  Special programs serve students that are referred by an intervention team from their home school, that need some special behavioral training and assistance. For older students, they help with at-risk students that are in danger of dropping out or students that need some accelerated instruction.

Plano Schools PISD


Curious when school starts or when breaks are to help plan family trips? View the PISD Calendar.

Are you already in PISD schools but wanting to transfer? Read all about how to make a transfer. 

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