Birthday Party Places in Plano

Plano Moms Guide to Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Planning can be a minefield.

If you are new to the area or new to parenthood, it’s still a minefield of possibilities!

There are so many different ways of planning a party and so many varied options.

Let’s start here:

  • How old is your child?
  • How many guests will you want to invite?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you time-poor and need an easy experience, or ready to put some time and work in?
  • What interests does your child have?

That’s enough of the questions.

Kids Birthday Party

Let’s look at the answers you might give and offer our suggestions, directly from Plano Moms!

We have more ideas for you too here

Ideas for each Age Group


At this age, you are most likely to be celebrating for you as you will be for them, especially on that 1st birthday.

At-home parties are great and local Parks or Neighborhood Clubhouses are a great option too.

If you want to do something away from home, there are some great venues that are perfect for that age:

Play Street Museum, Little Gym, Gymboree and the Coop in Frisco. Most offer 1.5 hour private party options.

You might want to have a fun theme, as a backdrop for Photos or to delight your little one – and you can tie in your decor (tablecloths, plates, cups and balloons/decorations) with your Birthday Cake or Cookies.

Extras: you can rent a Bounce House too!

3-5 (Pre School)

You can focus here on your Kid’s Interests. At this age, you can usually host a party at an entertainment venue. Time of year is also important!

In the Winter, these are great options:

  • Play Street Museum
  • American Ninja Warrior (Indoor Obstacle courses/play equipment)
  • Gymnasiums (like Infinite Bounds, Metroplex)
  • Indoor Jump Play locations (Safari Run, JumpStreet, Jump Mania, Kid Mania, CooCoo’s, Jungle Joes)
  • Bowling (Pinstack, Plano Super Bowl, Strikz)
  • Chuck-e-Cheese or Dave n Busters

In the Summer, there are more outdoor options:

  • Pool Parties
  • Rent a pavilion at the Park
  • Host a party at a Plano Rec Pool (Jack Carter Pool, Tom Muehlenbeck)
  • Adventure Landing (go karts/arcades/mini golf)
  • Crayola Experience (to skip the heat!)


You can either do fun smaller parties (at school age consider if you want to invite whole classes, or just select friends) or some kids prefer to do parties with girls only, or boys only – while some still love to mix it up.

This usually changes as they get older!

Most parents prefer to find a venue to host a party, and some also like to do days out and take some kids out in a small group.

Start with the kids’ interests or a theme and you can plan out from there.

Other ideas at this age are:

  • Gaming Trucks outside your home
  • Pool Parties (hiring a lifeguard if you’d like)
  • Aqua Shop Indoor Surfing
  • Thunderbird Roller Rink
  • Indoor Swimming Parties: AquaTots, Emler and City of Plano Recreation Centers 
  • Painting Parties: Color me Mine, Paint n Party and Carefree Colors


At this age, many kids are very clear about what type of party they want, so follow their lead and see how it falls within your budget. The great news is that many don’t have the same type of larger scale birthday party as younger kids usually have.

Kids birthday guests


Number of Kids attending


Depending on your budget, many venues which offer Birthday Party options have per-person pricing. By reducing the number of guests, you might be able to offer your child a super fun party at a venue like Dave n’ Busters, Aqua Shop Plano or Pinstack, which usually has higher price pricing.

You could also play a day out for this number, with enough trusted chaperones and spots in cars for transportation.


If you choose an entertainment venue for this number, check carefully the number of guests they include in their packages. The costs can escalate dramatically and you have to consider if it falls within your budget.

At this level, a more open format might work best – a gaming truck, pool party, park pavilion are all ideas for this.


Birthday parties can get very expensive, fast. So, set a number and then work within it.

$150 and below – This is going to be your DIY option.

  • Bake Cookies yourself and decorate them (this could be a fun way to get your Birthday boy or girl involved) – you could do the same with the cake!
  • Cater it yourself
  • Plan fun party games or activities for the kids
  • Going home gifts can be fun gifts from the Dollar Store or bulk items from Amazon

$150 – $300 – Some venues can offer you party options within this budget – this seems to be the average cost. But do not forget the cost of the cake, the catering and any take home gifts you offer. Find out whether the venue offers catering and tablecloths, plates, cups and other items you might need within the price.

$300+ – The sky is really the limit here – by spending more, you can really bring your Party to the venue and have them take care of all the work for you..

Which leads us nicely to our next scenario:

DIY or have it done for you?

If planning and executing a party is something you love doing, then you likely are able to spend some time to research and much of the effort will come from you in a DIY fashion.

DIY Options

  • Many have been mentioned, but party games are easy to find and copy on Pinterest, Amazon and in most craft stores you can find the items you need – for anything really, Pinatas, Arts, Crafts and more.
  • The Cake – you can make your own, obviously, but if you not blessed with baking skills a very cost effective option is usually Market Street or somewhere similar who do very good value, tasty and big cakes to feed your party guests (and their parents!)
  • Catering – you can either buy platters or put them together yourself at a low cost, or make finger sandwiches and have chips available.

If you are time-poor & need easy, convenient options, here are our suggestions:

  • Pay more and go with an all inclusive birthday party option at many of the venues we’ve listed
  • Use other extras: La Fete Events and Decor can help plan your party and co-ordinate it together; You can employ a Photography to capture the memories of the day or look up Filled with Joy, a local Mompreneur who does custom make invitations and party decor
  • Cake – choose your theme and find a suitable Cake maker (link to blog)

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By Interest

You might already know that your kid(s) love sports, or chess, or lego or jumping around!

Here are our suggestions based on Interests


  • Paintball
  • Lil Ninjas
  • Martial Arts
  • Laser Tag (WhirlyBall Plano)
  • Powerkids Sports and Fitness (customized sports’ themed parties)
  • Gymnastics – Golden Grip Gym, Infinite Bounds, Woga, Metroplex, ASI Gymnastics


  • Gaming Truck
  • Pinstack, Dave N Busters, Nickelmania

What do you like?

Share your comments here and we’ll be collecting them in one easy guide for release soon!

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