Check out the Plano Farmers Market with fresh produce in Plano, Texas!
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Plano Farmers Market in Downtown Plano

A Plano Farmer’s Market Downtown Plano, Texas.

Come check out all about it and shop local!

Plano Farmers Market

Plano FM1Open every Sunday from 10am-2pm the Plano Farmers Market has lots to offer in Plano Texas. There were more than a dozen vendors set up with a variety of goods. Some vendors include local honey, grass-fed beef,  crafters, sweets, and local farmers selling fresh produce at amazing prices!

Shop Local and Fresh at the Plano Farmers Market!

A Farmers & Artisan Market is held in the Downtown Plano Arts District! The market will be hosted by Georgia’s Farmers Market at  916 East 15th St. It will take place every Sunday from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Some Sundays will have entertainment, so that Farmers Market shoppers can enjoy live music as they browse through produce, baked goods, and other items. Friends and neighbors will be able to come together at the market to shop and support local businesses!

This market will be produced by Red Tent Markets, the same producer of Plano’s popular Shops at Willow Bend Market that takes place on Saturdays

This will be a year-round operated by Red Tent Markets.

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I had a chance to visit on opening day and it was so fun! I wasn’t expecting to love everything I saw and I came away with some local goodies myself!!   I can definitely see myself going to back to get weekly fresh produce from the produce stands. Next time I want to talk more to grass-fed beef Man too. The good news is that all the vendors I spoke to took credit cards!

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All the vendors were so nice to talk to and happy to tell you about their products. This would definitely be a place you can take kids, but please take note, there are no dogs allowed on site. I also did not see any restrooms when I was there so be advised. I could have missed them though 🙂

The Plano Farmers Market will be year round and run every Sunday from 10am-2pm, Plano Texas.


Some Interesting FAQs about Farmers Markets in Texas:

What is the definition of a farmer?
A farmer is a person who has ownership of, or financial and/or productive responsibility for producing, an agricultural product intended for use as a food or raw material. The term usually applies to people who do some combination of raising field crops, orchards, vineyards, poultry, aquaculture or some other form of livestock. A farm is usually owned by that person or under the direct control of that person.

What is the definition of a Farmers Market?
A Farmers’ Market is a designated location used primarily for the distribution and sale of food directly to consumers by farmers and other producers.

What is a farm stand?
A farm stand is defined as a premise owned and operated by a producer of agricultural food products at which the producer or other persons may offer for sale produce or foods.

Do I need a temporary food establishment permit to sell food at a Farmers Market in Plano Texas?
A temporary food establishment permit is not required to sell whole, intact unprocessed fruits and vegetables and pre-packaged non-potentially hazardous food/time temperature for safety foods.

Can honey be sold at a Farmers Market in Texas?

Yes. Honey may be sold at a farmer’s market.  In order to sell honey as food in Texas, you will need to follow the rules for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) 25 TAC §§229.210-229.222 and obtain a food manufacturing license.

Also, a small honey production operation may sell honey directly to consumers at the beekeeper’s home, a farmer’s market, a farm stand, or a municipal, county, or nonprofit fair, festival or event according to the Health and Safety Code Chapter 437, Section 437.001(7).  The honey sold or dispensed must be labeled in accordance with Subchapter E, Chapter 131, Agriculture Code.  The label must include:  the net weight of the honey expressed in both the avoirdupois and metric systems; the beekeeper’s name and address; and the statement, “Bottled or packaged in a facility not inspected by the Texas Department of State Health Services.”

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