The Dog Park at Jack Carter Park in Plano
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The Dog Park at Jack Carter Park

Let’s take a tour of the Dog Park at Jack Carter Park

The City of Plano has a very nice dog park that is the perfect place to let your dogs off the leash to run around and play.

The park has a designated small dog area (great for dogs under 30 pounds) and large dog area (for those dogs over 30 pounds). The gates are totally separate to enter. 

Both areas are a good size and have some seating areas along with a track that goes around. Both areas also have several stations filled with bags to help you clean up after your dogs and fountains for your dogs to drink water.

Dogs love to for a chance to run and play without being on their leash and this is the perfect place! Before you go, it’s a good time to know some of the basic rules of the park for safety and security of the dogs and others.

dog park 4Dog Park Rules and Info

  • Great for dogs 4 mths and older
  • 3 dog limit per person
  • Dogs must wear current tags and registration at the park
  • Always look after your own dog and scoop the poop!
  • Enter the gates correctly and safely to avoid any issues when entering or leaving.
  • A note to remember, the park is closed every Thursday for maintenance from sun up until 4 pm.

Location: 2215 Pleasant Valley Dr. 

Contact 972-941-2275 for information or current conditions.

Have you been to the dog park in Plano or visited another dog park nearby? Tell us in the comments!

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