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Are you searching for a Lactation Consultant in Plano and Surrounding areas?
Did you just have a precious newborn? Are you trying your best to breastfeed? Or maybe you have a baby on the way and want to learn more about the benefits of  breastfeeding? These lactation specialists, Consultants, Certified Nursing Specialists? These listings could help you.

Lactation & Development Resources

We work exclusively with mother-infant pairs prenatally and during the first 9 months postpartum, and offer a holistic and integrated approach to lactation support and feeding therapy in order to help families achieve their personal goals.

Cleo Marchese Lactation Consultant

Natural Beginnings was the first private practice Lactation group in the Dallas Area offering the services of 4 IBCLC’s

Hannah Poole-North Dallas Doula Associates

Premier Birth & Postpartum Doula services, Childbirth Education, IBCLC Lactation support, Placenta Encapsulation, Postpartum Healing & more

Jacqueline Shannon

Childbirth Instructor at The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

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