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The Mom’s Guide to the Plano City Council Run-off Election

We need you to Vote (again)

Yes, it’s Round 2. Anthony Ricciardelli, John Muns and Rick Smith have been elected to their seats, but there are still two open seats, as in both there were multiple candidates running. None of the candidates achieved the minimum of 50% of the vote to be elected in the first round of the Local Elections for Plano City Council on May 1.

That means we do have a Run-off election coming up June 5th, for Place 4 and Place 7. Both seats are available to vote for all registered Voters in the City of Plano, most in Collin County and some in Denton County

What you can do

Here is what you need to know to cast your vote. If you voted last time, your votes do not count so do take the time to vote again in this election to make it count!

And if you chose to stay home last time – you have a second chance to impact your Local City and exercise your right to vote

We encourage every Mom to do their research, and vote based on the likely decisions these candidates would make on their behalf and their policies, not their politics.

This is a non-partisan race, although you may have read or seen some speculation that says otherwise including “slates” of candidates put forward by a political party. These candidates represent every single resident in our City.

These candidates are elected to represent all 287,000 (ish) residents that live in Plano. In this round of Elections, there were 166,522 registered voters but a turnout of only around 20% making decisions on behalf of the other 80% of residents.

This year in the May 1 election, these are the facts for turnout

  • 174,521 registered voters in Plano
  • 33,580 or 20.27% of them cast their vote
  • 1,343 voted by mail or were absentee ballots

Plano City Council- 2 spots are available:

Place 4: Kayci Prince (incumbent)

Place 4: Justin Adcock

Both Kayci Prince and Justin Adcock are featured in this forum

Place 7: Julie Holmer

Place 7: Chris Robertson

Julie Holmer and Chris Robertson

We do not endorse any specific candidates in this Election.

Dates and Hours for Voting in this Run Off

May 24 – May 27: 8am – 5pm
May 28: 7am – 7pm
May 29: 8am – 5pm
June 1: 7am – 7pm
June 5: 7am – 7pm

Voting Locations

The locations may differ for Early Voting, so please check before you leave home and check those in Denton and Collin Counties.

For Run-Off Election Day, the locations could also be different. You can check the location info here

We encourage you to find out as much as you can to make an informed decision and most importantly, get out and vote!