Mi Cocina Lakeside

I love family friendly restaurants.   A nice place to take the family and have a good meal and a place that is fun for kids. One of our favorite places is Mi Cocina Lakeside in Plano.

Mi Cocina Lakeside is located off Preston Road in Plano. It has a nice covered patio that can be used year round with access to a nice side area that is perfect for kids. Check out our movie all about it.

The area is totally gated so kids will be safe. There are some games kids can play and nice chairs for parents to sit in. They also have a large tv outside to watch games and enjoy the atmosphere while you wait on a table or your food!



Shannon is Mommy to 2 kids, Wife, and Teacher. She was born and raised in Plano. After graduating from Baylor (sic’ em!!) she returned to Plano to teach. With two young kids attending Plano Schools, she is a true Plano Mom (and a soccer Mom!!). She loves writing about parenting topics and fun events for kids around town.

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Kid-Friendly Restaurants says May 9, 2017

[…] Covered Patio and attached side area that is gated for kids to run and play games.  Check out this video post all about […]

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