Losing a Dress Size – without a Diet or Surgery

Losing a Dress Size – without a Diet or Surgery

Lose inches with Lipo laser treatment

So, January was a fresh start for me – a reset from weight gain that I’d had since the loss of my Mom to Cancer and a rough time where I gained weight, and had stopped taking care of my mind and body. I started the month with a 2 week detox and then went to visit my therapist, Kathy Han, of Facelift of the Stars. Her salon is in North Dallas, conveniently located on Dallas Parkway.

Facelift of the Stars provided this treatment at no cost to Plano Moms, but all opinions are ours.

Kathy had recently become certified to treat people who wanted non-surgical Fat Loss in the areas where we collect it the most – the Belly and the Thighs.

Her machine offers Laser Lipo low‐level laser therapy. This treatment is the application of a low intensity laser, which has been shown through extensive research to cause the fat within the adipocyte (fat cell) to leave the cell and accumulate in the interstitial space around the cells.

In contrast to high power, high heat lasers that are used in various procedures, the low level laser used for this treatment has no thermal effect on tissue. Instead, the non‐invasive laser helps the body absorb fat by stimulating its biological function.

With the treatment, I had 2 sessions per week of 30 minutes each, just laying down on the bed with a number of panels attached to the key areas of my body. Kathy also ensured that I was committed to exercising regularly (4 times a week was recommended).

But the exciting thing for me was the promise of losing a dress size, if I continued to eat healthily and exercise while undergoing this treatment.Lipo Laser

Excess fat is removed naturally by the body’s lymphatic system and subsequently excreted without the negative side effects and downtime associated with more invasive procedures such as liposuction. Non‐invasive low level laser therapy has been approved by the FDA. I felt good throughout the course of treatments – with no side effects. The great news was that I did in fact lose a dress size and people started noticing! I even wore jeans that I had not fitted into in a little while.

It was the perfect way to kick start my journey in 2019 to lose weight and feel great!

If you quote Plano Moms, she will take 10% off!

Kathy loves Plano Moms and wants to offer y’all a chance to try it too

The Cost is $400 for 8 sessions and $500 for 10 sessions.

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