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12 Must-Try Local Coffee Shops that are not Starbucks!

The areas around Plano, Frisco, and North Dallas continue to grow in the Dallas Fort Worth area and with it the number of choices for local coffee shops available for a coffee fix or a quick bite. 

There are many excellent options of local coffee shops within and near the city, so what is worth a visit?

With coffee, one size (and taste!) does not fit all.

What’s listed below will help with navigating our local coffee shops, finding that place with the atmosphere and mission to support, and the visit worth the time and cost.

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Local Coffee Shops in Central and East Plano

1418 Coffeehouse

Location: 1418 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074

A craft coffee shop nestled in the heart of Downtown Plano, 1418 Coffee is no stranger to the Plano coffee scene, being one of the first specialty coffee shops in the city.

They aim to have something for every coffee drinker, from French press to pour over to their specialty coffees, the most popular being the Purple Haze, a lavender and honey latte, and a horchata cold brew.

Food selections include baked goods (the lemon blueberry scone a standout), sandwiches, and breakfast tacos, with gluten-free options included.

Current seasonal drinks include the Tropicano, a pineapple Americano, and La Sandia, a watermelon Italian soda with mint and lime. Products include coffee beans, which they roast through a sister company.

The cozy chairs and atmosphere, along with the wi-fi, offer a popular place to work. Running since 2013, the shop has plans for a big event in celebration of its ten-year anniversary in July.

Local Coffee Shops Plano
Photo Credit: 1418 Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee Company

Location: 901 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75075

A shop as serious about its patriotism as its coffee, Black Rifle Coffee Company works through its chain to provide support for police, firefighters, and veterans, and to provide the best cup of coffee to whoever comes through the door.

Founded in 2014 by Evan Hafer, a former Green Beret and member of the CIA, the chain expanded to Plano a year ago.

What began as a man roasting coffee in the back of a Humvee has grown to a company that, in addition to offering standard services, hosts monthly fundraisers for local police departments, fire departments, and veteran groups.

Many employees are former military or family members, and the company gives many a way to transition back to civilian life.

The shop offers breakfast and lunch options, all homemade. They roast their coffee (not in-house) and sell the beans along with other merchandise.

Popular drinks at their Espresso Bar include the espresso drinks Jet Fuel and Smokey Joe, along with the dirty chai and for seasonals, the Wild Blackberry Tea Latte.

You can also drive-thru!

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Coffee del Rey

Location: 1915 Central Expy # 340, Plano, TX 75075

A family-owned fixture along Central for ten years, Coffee del Rey is not the typical coffee experience, offering minimal seating (but still having wi-fi) in order to be able to roast their own single-origin beans in-house, which they also offer for sale.

For the owner, this setup allows customers to speak directly with the coffee roasters and provide feedback.

The coffee shop was started for church youth to learn work and coffee skills. The owner, Lily, has expanded the business to work directly with farmers and help their families while they work.

The titular drink is the Del Rey latte, a flavor combination of brown sugar, hazelnut, and cinnamon. The nitro cold brew is also a popular option.

Baked goods, though not currently available, will likely be added in time.

Local Coffee Shops

Mudleaf Coffee

Location: 3100 Independence Pkwy #300, Plano, TX 75075

Boasting a spacious seating area and a small shop for coffee and other merchandise in a cozy and relaxed style, Mudleaf Coffee is a popular location for work, with Wi-fi and comfortable seating. It’s become the forefront of the scene of local coffee shops in Plano.

A separate room is available for reservations or additional seating and is a frequent spot for meetings, game nights, showers, and other parties.

They have a nice room available for rental with a large dining table and comfy sofas.

The family-owned shop, founded in 2018, began as the next step from a coffee cart business during a time when specialty coffee shops were sparse.

They offer baked goods – the coffee cake a standout choice – some homemade, others from La Casita. A variety of toasts and sandwiches add to the food options. Popular drinks include their lavender honey latte (using local honey) and their blueberry latte, the latter one of their seasonal selections.

They also offer classic favorites, such as chai and nitro cold brew. For them, the focus is community.

Local Coffee Shops Plano

Local Coffee Shops in West Plano

151 Coffee

Location: 1151 Preston Rd, Plano, TX 75093

A drive-thru with a small outdoor seating area, 151 Coffee offers that quick cup or bite to those on the go. Selections beside coffee include teas, hot chocolate, energy drinks, Italian sodas, milkshakes, and smoothies.

For coffee, the caramel macchiato, the cinnamon dulce latte, and the white chocolate macadamia nut latte are among the most popular choices.

The two-year-old Plano location is part of a Dallas chain, the Hollywood aesthetic reflective of the founder’s background as the owner of Hollywood Video. The focus of the shop is to serve in a way that is “fast, fun, friendly.”

They also seek to give college students an opportunity for work and the development of work skills and ethics, aiming to have all interactions be just as genuine as the cup of coffee.

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen

Location: 7410 Lone Star Drive, Suite B100, Plano TX 75024

Nestled within the Shops at Legacy now for a year, Toasted Coffee + Kitchen, part of a chain, aims to offer a little bit of everything, with spacious seating, games, wi-fi, breakfast, lunch, a partial bar, and, of course, coffee.

They sell beans and source their coffee from a local roaster, offering some single-origin choices.

They offer specialty cocktails, such as the blackberry mimosa, and often blend alcohol with coffee or tea, the alcoholic chai and the toasted tea – a tea shot – both common choices.

Non-alcoholic popular drinks include the matcha lavender lemonade, the French toast latte, and the Super Freak, a cold brew smoothie.

The food selection includes baked goods and sandwiches but specializes mainly in its brunch items, which, as the name suggests, offers many fun toast options.

Zodiac Time Coffee and Wine

Location: 6121 W Park Blvd K4626, Plano, TX 75093

Nestled in the Shops at Willow Bend, Zodiac Time Coffee and Wine guarantee choices that are based foremost on personality and taste.

Fun fact: many of the drink options are derived from the Zodiac signs.

The owner, Mohammed, is endlessly fascinated by mixing psychology with the balancing of flavors. Sterling’s Pick, a flavor option of white chocolate, cinnamon, almond milk, and whipped cream, is a frequent choice.

The shop also includes food, with sandwiches and snacks.

The baked goods, most gluten-free, are made in-house.

There is also a bar and with it the option to “sip and shop,” allowing customers with wristbands to take their drink around the mall.

The 2022 Winner for Plano Magazine’s Best Coffee Shop, it’s an ideal place for conversation and a dive into personality and flavor of their coffee beverages. They have tons of seating and areas to space out and work on your laptop too.

local Coffee Shops

Local Coffee Shops in Frisco

Ascension Coffee

Location: 3625 The Star Blvd, Suite 300 Frisco, TX 75034

Located within the Frisco Star area since 2018, local coffee shop Ascension Coffee offers a mixture of Australian fare, certified craft coffee, and a full bar selection.

Indoor and outdoor seating and wi-fi make the shop a frequent destination for work and socializing.

Except for the baked goods, the full menu is made in-house, with popular items including the chicken Manchego pane aria sandwich and coconut chia seed pudding.

The local chain partners with a roaster in Dallas for the beans, offering single-origin options and bags of beans for sale.

They are committed to the whole process – the CEO visits the farms to ensure ethical sourcing.

They also try uncommon brewing methods, such as the Kyoto-style cold brew (also known as Doki Doki). Popular drinks include the horchata latte and the Low Tide, a current seasonal that combines matcha with Topo Chico and a topping of cold foam.

The Aussie Grind

Location: 3930 Preston Rd, Suite 120, Frisco, TX, 75035

Another Australian-themed coffee shop, the owner bringing his coffee skills from Brisbane over four years ago, the Aussie Grind offers breakfast and lunch as well as dinner shareables.

The baked goods are made in-house. Though there is no wi-fi, the seating helps it be a popular place to meet up. They offer single-origin coffee and beans, sourced by a Dallas roaster.

Among the more common selections are the Aussie iced coffee – ice cream instead of milk in the iced coffee – piccolo coffee, and cappuccino topped with chocolate powder.

There is also a bar that offers mimosas and other drinks designed to complement meals. The goal of the shop is to mix the café with the diner to give customers a little bit of everything.

The food at this place is also great and they have a great kids menu.

The Book Shoppe and Coffee

Location: 5330 Parkwood Blvd Suite 100, Frisco, TX 75034

The Book Shoppe and Coffee in Frisco is a Christian bookstore and coffee shop that started four years ago. It was created by Chuck Swindoll’s Insights for Living ministry. The place is cozy and spacious, and it looks like an English country library or study.

The space and aesthetic draw in people for work, study, and socializing.

A craft coffee shop, they roast some of their single-origin beans in-house and have them for sale, offering French press and pour-over options, sourcing their beans from countries they partner with in ministry.

The Geisha pour-over, the craft coffees, the raspberry matcha, and the honey lavender latte are among their most popular drinks. Along with pastries, they serve quiches and sandwiches.

Between the books, the coffee, and the setting, the shop is an inviting place to read or to socialize.

La Finca Coffee and Bakery

Location: 7511 Main St #150, Frisco, TX 75034

With a focus on quality and community, La Finca in Frisco offers indoor and outdoor seating and a broad view of their in-house roaster, demonstrating to customers their commitment to the whole of the craft coffee process.

The owner, a Frisco native, returned from years spent in Mexico with the knowledge and the passion to give quality to his home city.

The shop is approaching three years and has a second location in Prosper.

All the coffees are single-origin (which they rotate based on the season), the milk comes from a local dairy, and most all the food, which consists of baked goods and Mexican homestyle dishes, is made from scratch.

More than variety, La Finca aims to offer freshness and quality in all its selections.

They offer breakfast, lunch, and Wi-Fi all day and are a popular spot for work, meetings, and local church gatherings. Popular drinks include their cold brews and the Café Ole, a traditional Mexican coffee.

Summer Moon Coffee

Location: 6943 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75034

A popular stop in Frisco Historic Downtown, Summer Moon Coffee, though smaller than some other nearby shops, offers standard coffee shop services and a place to work from.

For Summer Moon, a chain with a Frisco location open since 2017, the goal is keeping things local and Texan in source, with the Austin founders also supplying the roasting for the shop.

They sell their own beans, which are roasted over Texas oak.

They are also known for their “moon milk,” a special secret made in-house.

Their popular drinks include the Half-Winter Moon, an iced latte similar in taste to vanilla, and the titular Summer Moon, the hot version of the drink. Sourced from a local bakery, the food includes breakfast tacos, sandwiches, and baked goods.

Joanna Gaines has been spotted at Summer Moon so it must be good, right?

If you love any other local coffee shops, that we haven’t mentioned please drop a comment and let us know!


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